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Sedona, Arizona

The Magical Red Rocks of Sedona, Arizona

This is a huge part of what motivates my travels. In my twenties, I often sought chaotic urban destinations and was dazzled by the movement, the lights, and the crowds. In my thirties, nature does so much more for my soul. Cities are exciting, but only nature gives back. It replenishes rather than draining the…

Upper Antelope Canyon, Arizona

Why tour Upper Antelope Canyon? These 9 photos reveal all

I always say that some tourist traps live up to the hype. I try never to be a travel snob. If a destination calls to me, I go — even if that means fighting crowds. Upper Antelope Canyon by definition could qualify as a tourist trap, and physically the canyon could be a claustrophobic’s nightmare. Hundreds…


Blogging 101: How Pinterest Became My Number 1 Traffic Source

I rarely promote commercial products without compensation, but today I want to tell you about Pinfinite Growth because it really works. Pinfinite Growth is an e-course for bloggers who want to beef up their Pinterest game. Melyssa Griffin is the “infopreneur” behind this online course. I started following her a few years ago because, like me, she’s a graphic designer…

Broods perform at the Metro in Chicago

Broods Live at the Metro in Chicago (PHOTOS)

I often travel for concerts and I’ve been to Chicago for a couple of shows now, the latest of which was Broods. Chicago is an excellent music city, primarily known for jazz but with a thriving indie rock scene too. The New Zealand electro-pop duo played to an enthusiastic crowd of Millennials. In fact, the…

Rainbow Mountains, Arizona

They Really Exist: The Rainbow Mountains of Arizona

I’d seen pictures of the rainbow mountains of China and the strata of Iceland’s Landmannalaugar range, but nothing prepared me to step inside a rainbow on the border of Arizona and Utah. In fact, I didn’t know this landscape existed until I saw it for myself. In May, I booked a hike to White Pocket, Arizona. After an awe-inspiring day…

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