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Asheville aerial view, North Carolina

I Dream of Asheville

Watch my new travel film from charming Asheville, North Carolina. From the Blue Ridge Parkway to the Biltmore Mansion, this is Asheville in Autumn. The laid back North Carolina town oozes charm and was the perfect spot to begin the Great American Roadtrip in an Airstream trailer. We planned a few hikes to waterfalls and…

The Dummies Guide to Traveling on a Budget

Budget travel doesn’t excite many of us. We may picture dingy hotel rooms, crowded buses, and zero-elbow-room flights when we think of traveling on a budget. The older I get, the less I want to travel like a piece of cargo. But if you want to see the world and ain’t got a lot of…

3 ways travel can combat depression

3 Ways Travel Can Combat Depression

When it comes to a case of the blues, I’ve found travel to be very helpful in combating depression. As any good counselor will tell you, sometimes the best remedy for what ails you is to simply step away from it all. What better way is there to do just that than to take an extended…

By Bernard Gagnon - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=3754871

How to Get an Indian e-Visa

Traveling has never been as easy as it is now. But don’t be that person (ahem, me), who shows up at the airport and doesn’t have the required visa. News flash: You won’t be allowed on the plane. The solution is to apply for an e-Visa online. Many who want to travel to India have no idea that…

Global Girl Travels Airstream parked on a lake in California at sunset

Airstream Tour Live on Facebook & Instagram

Almost a year ago, the Hubs and I decided to sell everything (again) and move abroad — this time back to Mainland U.S.A. We had been living on Guam for nearly seven years. After two successful roadtrips through New Zealand and Iceland in campervans, we knew we could hack it living small. Fast forward to summer…

Jessica Peterson of Global Girl Travel at Joshua Tree National Forest Park in California

My Winter Travel Style & Glamping in Joshua Tree National Park

Before I started travel blogging, I moonlighted as a style blogger. I love fashion; always have since I hosted dress-up competitions with my friends in the backyard. Now that I’m completely nomadic and living in an Airstream, my wardrobe must be functional. Still, I’m too vain to give up stylish clothing and, as a travel host, I need…

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