4 things to do when you return home from your travels

Jessica Peterson

Whether you’re planning a holiday or a backpacking trip across Asia, the build up to your time away is almost as exciting as the adventure itself! The build up to your break is a time of great anticipation and also when we feel the most pressure to get everything ready in time – but it’s all part of the fun! Sadly, we all have to come back at some point and its enough to make your heart sink! 

There’s nothing more heart wrenching than exploring some of the most beautiful places on Earth, or relaxing poolside with a good book and then having to contend with your 9-5 and your normal life once again. That’s why I’m a huge advocate of making the transition from holiday to home as easy as possible. 

Read on for 4 things to do when you return home from your travels.

Get those photos printed

I’m sure you’ll have taken some incredible shots while you’ve been away, from incredible sunsets to gorgeous family shots you’ll treasure forever. So, don’t let them get lost in your smart device forever, choose your favourites and get them printed! Check out hellocanvas.co.uk if you’re looking for some photo inspiration. Having your favourite snaps on view for all to see will always make you feel good and soften the blow of returning home. 

Prioritize your To-Do List

Many of us say that we’ll tackle things after we’ve returned from our travels. However that usually means we end up with a To-Do list as long as our arm…the last thing you want to come home to is a mountain of tasks and responsibilities. The best option is to go through your list and prioritise, things like prescriptions and appointments are obviously important however decluttering the loft probably isn’t. Give yourself a couple of jobs to complete each day to make the transition a little easier.

Get that washing out of the way

I don’t doubt that you’ll have returned with a mountain of dirty clothes that desperately need a good session in the washing machine. The best advice I can give you here is to simply get through it all as quickly as possible, in fact make emptying your suitcase a priority. There’s nothing more depressing (or gross) than a pile of dirty laundry that’s travelled half way around the world and back. Get it washed, dried and put away as soon as possible. 

Take an extra day

Ideally this should be done before you go away but depending on how flexible your employer is you might be able to take an extra day off with rather short notice. Going back to work a day later than planned gives you more time to catch up on some sleep, allows you to rest and reset body and mind, as well as giving you the chance to catch up on everything at home before you take on the catch up at work. If you can – try to return home from your travels on a Saturday or a Friday, that way you have the whole weekend to get yourself sorted. 

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