5 of the World’s Most Colorful Destinations to Visit in 2019

Jessica Peterson

Jessica Peterson of Global Girl Travels at Barcelo Maya Grande Resort, Mexico

Seeking color, light, culture, and natural beauty? Read on for travel inspiration to five of the most colorful places in the world.


Another unique experience to list down is to dine with the fish. Maldives Island houses an underwater cuisine named Ithaa Undersea Restaurant which is in Hilton Resort on the Rangali Island. The restaurant is situated below 16-feet level, the roof and the walls are made of clear glass so that the guests could have that feeling of being surrounded by the sea life as they eat. However, this restaurant can only accommodate 12 guests, so you really have to be quick is booking this place.


Tourism in Cuba was restricted before as government would like to segregate tourists from Cuban natives. However, Cuban tourism lately became popular and had a rapid growth. It is now possible to go on holiday here and take a tour of Cuba to find out about its interesting past. Their beautiful beaches and wonderful water escapades could be worthwhile for your unique getaway. The mountains and the beaches of the country have a great contribution to its tourism industry.

Visitors to Cuba just love to explore Havana which is the capital city. Here, the place is full of beautiful scenic views. One best things to do here is to visit the Maria la Gorda which is popular for its amazing diving spots.

Although it is difficult to go to this place because public transport is not accessible, making an effort to get to the place just to experience its wonderfully well-preserved reefs and laid-back diving camp would be quite rewarding.


One of the world’s most unique tourist spots is in Mexico which is the Cancun Underwater Museum. It is a museum that displays more than 400 life-size sculptures which are made from sustainable reefs to promote the growth of coral. On the seafloor, you will find a sculpture of a man that sits on his couch watching a television show while schools of fish swim by, definitely an interesting and unique experience of a lifetime.


Russia is the world’s largest nation and was once the most powerful member of the USSR. Russia is a fascinating country to visit. This country offers great music and literature, as well as magnificent arts and museums. How wonderful it would be if you can first visit its capital city which is Moscow. This city is full of amazing hotels which exhibit enchanting views that will surely hook you up for that relaxing stay. Another place is St. Petersburg which is Russia’s pride of history and romantic sites. This city houses the most beautiful places and magnificent architectural creations in the country.



This last one could be the most unforgettable escapade you might experience if you are looking for that relaxing getaway. The Pamukkale Thermal Pools which is located in the country of Turkey looks like cotton balls from afar. Pamukkale means cotton to Turkey natives. This breathtakingly beautiful tourist spot houses thermal pools where you can take that one of a kind swimming experience. Get a car rental in Turkey to explore even more.

If you are looking for an unforgettable getaway that will surely give you a relaxing mood and a refreshing atmosphere, why not get a chance to experience a stay in these wonderful places.

Where are you headed in 2019?

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