5 Packing Tips For Adventurous Travelers

Jessica Peterson

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If you’re going on an adventure holiday, your packing list should be a little different than any beach holiday or resort trip. You won’t be able to stuff your suitcase before you leave and then unpack when you arrive. There’s more thought needed when packing for an adventure holiday.

When embarking on your new adventure, you don’t want your luggage weighing you down so what can you do to pack light but bring along everything you need for your trip? It is all about packing smarter rather than packing everything. So here are 5 packing tips for adventurous travelers to help make a start to get ready for your adventure.

Use Packing Cubes to save space

Packing cubes are becoming an essential piece of equipment for frequent travelers. These little zipped pouches come in various sizes and fabrics to keep your items separate and safe within your main bag. You can keep your dirty clothes separate from the clean ones, wet from dry and have compartments for shoes, toiletries, underwear and accessories. Plus, they also make it easy to unpack and pack back up again in different destinations.

You also need to ensure you have the right backpack or luggage to put your cubes in. Think about the best large bag and the best cabin luggage which you can check here. Choose bags that are easy to carry and preferably soft bags that are easily pliable, rather than hard cases. If you are choosing a backpack, make sure you try it on before you buy. Comfort is a big part as you may be carrying it for long periods of time. It should be breathable and have straps that can make it larger and smaller for a good fit. Choose the best packing cubes and the right backpack and you are well on your way to packing smart for your adventure holiday.

Remember you can do laundry while traveling

If you are travelling for a long time and are worried you won’t have enough clean clothes, remember you can wash and dry clothes whilst on the move. If you have the time on your holiday you can stop at a laundrette to do your washing in your down time. This isn’t a waste of time either, lots of things can be done when sitting in a laundrette. From chatting to other customers to planning the next leg of your trip. Of course, if you don’t have much time you could take advantage of laundry service available in your hotel.

Many travellers will wear the same items again and again whilst on the move so don’t worry about re-wearing stuff unless it is really dirty. If you are travelling where you won’t have access to these facilities, then why not bring along a small amount of environmentally friendly detergent. That way you can wash small items such as socks and underwear whilst on the move.

Don’t forget the essentials

As mentioned before, adventure travel means a different type of packing list. Having a list before you start packing is a good start as you can tick off what you have when you put it into your bag. Here are a few examples of essentials required for an adventure holiday.

  • A Rain jacket – Because you never know how the weather is going to be
  • Daypack – To carry the essentials you need during the day
  • Headlamp – In case you need to find your way in the dark but still need your hands
  • Water bottle – To keep topped up and hydrated
  • Compass – Just in case you are lost and need help finding your direction
  • Swimsuit – So you don’t miss out on that amazing dip – or perhaps to use in an open shower
  • A Dry/ waterproof bag – To keep your valuables dry

If you were traveling to a resort, you certainly wouldn’t need a headlamp or a compass, so keep in mind what you will need for this different type of holiday. Check with your tour operator, as they may provide some items and give advice on where to get the best products at the right prices.

Keep your valuables safe

To make sure you have everything to hand its good advice to print out all important documents for your trip, including tickets, hotel reservations, directions, and any contacts you might need. You might have digital copies on your phone, but what if your battery dies? You should also make a photocopy of your passport and keep it in a different part of your luggage than your real passport. This way in a worst-case scenario, you’ll have a backup if required. Lock up all your valuable items in a safe or keep them in a locked bag. Have a back up credit card in case of emergencies and have access to a copy of it such as a backed-up picture.

You should also look up local travel advice for your destination before you travel and take note of the safety tips. Keeping expensive cameras and phones out of view is usually a good idea, especially when traveling to remote or more dangerous areas. Money belts are another good idea whilst you are moving from one place to the next. However, be careful which one you choose as some can be easily cut off.

Don’t overpack

Although you want to make sure you have the essentials in your luggage you shouldn’t bring too much with you. When you first start travelling you may be unsure about what to bring with you, but you will learn what you don’t need and what you do by trial and error. But if you don’t have the luxury of that time you should think carefully about what you put in your backpack.

Plan to bring items that you know you will definitely use during your trip. If you are travelling with a tour company, you will probably get a kit list with the essential items tailored for your trip. Bring what you know you will need and anything that is listed as a must have on this list. You will also want to leave room for souvenirs. Bringing something back to remind you of your trip is a fun way to remember your adventure. But you need the space for this when travelling home. And remember if you forget something you can always pick it up along the road.

Other things to consider

Depending on where you are travelling to and what kind of adventure you are undertaking. What is the weather going to be like? Packing for the specific weather for your destination is a must. Plus think about how long you will be travelling for and pack appropriately for that length of time.

Are you packing for an adventure holiday soon? Hopefully these tips have helped you consider what you need to bring with you on your holiday. Some of these hints can be used for any kind of holiday too. Packing smarter and lighter is the way forward when travelling between more than a couple of places. Do you have any tips for packing for an adventure holiday? Leave a comment below and share your stories.

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