6 Swanky Activities for a Deluxe NYC Trip

Jessica Peterson

New York resists categorization. It isn’t exotic, like Bangkok or the Galapagos ― but it does contain a fascinating fusion of cultural neighborhoods, from Little Guyana to Little Odessa and Koreatown. It isn’t rural, but most of the outer boroughs claim a hospitable charm uncommon in urban environments. Finally, it isn’t opulent ― the buildings aren’t intricately worked or constructed of precious materials, and litter and graffiti isn’t hard to find ― but it is one of the most luxurious cities in the world.

If you are looking for an extravagant vacation, it is hard to find a spot more suited to indulgence than New York City. Even better, in NYC, it is easy to feel like you are living the high life without breaking the bank. Here are a few glamorous places and activities to give you that deluxe feel on your NYC vacation.

1. See a Broadway Show

Though Times Square might not be the most opulent area of New York City, it is home to the world-famous Broadway stages, which are suffused with the glitz and glamor that give NYC its brilliant reputation. You can purchase tickets to a number of award-winning shows online to ensure your seat ― or you can visit one of the city’s TKTS booths the day-of to find tickets at up to 50 percent off. However, it is worth noting that the most popular shows ― e.g., “Hamilton” ― will cost a pretty penny no matter where you buy tickets.

2. Enjoy a Shopping Spree

Everyone who is anyone in NYC is impeccably dressed, so it is imperative you look your best by enjoying a day or two of world-class shopping around New York’s boutiques. It is worth stopping by a few of the renowned department stores, like Bergdorf Goodman and Barneys, but most travelers in NYC have lower shopping budgets. To find affordably priced–yet-chic clothing, you should wander around SoHo or Park Slope in Brooklyn. If you are even thriftier, you could spend hours sifting through racks at Beacon’s Closet or Angel Street Thrift.

3. Tour NYC Sights

World Trade Center, New York

You could be cost-conscious and use public transit and comfortable walking shoes to see New York’s most impressive sights ― or you could splurge on deluxe transportation. NYC Limousine rents all sorts of luxury vehicles that will take you around the city for a reasonable price. You can compound your feeling of extravagance by touring some of NYC’s ritziest places, such as celebrity homes and famous film locations. You could even organize a limo drop-off at a famous restaurant, like Delmonico’s or the 21 Club.

4. Try Bottle Service at a Club

After a day around town, there is no better way to unwind than seeing New York’s night scene. Not only is the city as bright and bustling as it is during the day, NYC is more thrilling at night, with every shade of club you could imagine. If you long for a wild, Burning Man-like night, you should go to House of Yes. If you want a more anonymous, old-school-hipster vibe, you are looking for Black Flamingo. Wherever you go, you should spring for bottle service, which will ensure your VIP treatment throughout the night.

5. Have a Spa Day

It’s nearly impossible to feel mediocre or unpleasant when being pampered in a spa. The city that never sleeps is packed with spa options to destress its citizens and visitors alike. Great Jones Spa and Aire Ancient Baths both boast a sumptuous atmosphere and offer a bevy of relaxation packages. For a similar feel without the hefty price tag, you can try other baths around town, including the Russian and Turkish Baths in the East Village.

6. Hit the Water

The waters around New York aren’t exactly fit for swimming ― unless you are participating in the New York Triathlon, and even then few truly enjoy the dip in the Hudson. Still, going out on the water can be fun and relaxing when you are floating above it. It is possible to rent a yacht from Metro Yacht Charters to explore the rivers and bay, and such an experience would be truly luxurious. However, for a slightly more public experience, you can book a ticket on one of the various ferries around NYC and find a secluded spot on the boat to relax and enjoy the view. Most ferry rides offer outstanding panoramas of the city and take you to exciting nearby locations, including Governors Island, which regularly hosts upscale parties.

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