7 Things To Do at Ocean Park Hong Kong

Jessica Peterson

A single day in Hong Kong is a sensory-busting experience. Get an early start at the massive Ocean Park — Hong Kong’s answer to SeaWorld, but much more animal-friendly (they don’t have Orcas). Hop on the clean and efficient metro system (MTR) and within minutes you can be there.


Upon entering Ocean Park, pause to snap a few pictures at the larger-than-life water feature and animal statues at the entrance. You’ll see cable cars climbing up a mountain in the distance and be drawn to them.

Sky Gondola


Seated in an open-air gondola, you are bound for the sky. Whip out your camera to snap boats in the harbor and the park getting smaller and smaller below.


Old Hong Kong


Walk down a street that looks like a movie set in Old Kong Kong.


Polar Adventure


Experience a Polar Adventure, get some relief from Hong Kong’s humidity, and feel the ‘Artic’ air as you watch penguins feed and seals dart through the pools.

Ocean Theatre


Seated at Ocean Theatre, you will find yourself gasping with awe at the twists and turns a trio of dolphins makes as it leaps dramatically over a trainer in the water. Minutes later, a trio of seals responds to commands from a cast of characters in this “Ocean Wonders” show. The message to support conservation will not be lost on you. In fact, the conservation message features heavily throughout the Ocean Park exhibits and shows.

HK-ocean-park-dolphins-H2 HK-ocean-park-dolphins-jump-H HK-ocean-park-seal-H

Rollercoasters and Rides


If it’s pre-lunch, it’s a good time to experience the hair-raising thrills of the park’s rollercoasters and rides. Whew! There goes the hairdo.

Amazing Asian Animals


Thoroughly thrilled, head to the Amazing Asian Animals section to see giant pandas feeding on bamboo and the elusive red panda slinking through tree branches.

HK-ocean-park-panda-H2 HK-ocean-park-panda-V HK-ocean-park-red-panda-H HK-ocean-park-red-panda-tail-H

You’ll also see playful otters.


Neptune’s Restaurant


It’s lunchtime! Pull yourself away from the furry cuteness to dine at Neptune’s Restaurant and sit facing a ginormous tank containing more than 5,000 fish from 400 species.


  1. Marcie
    June 5, 2017 at 10:22 am

    I LOVE Ocean Park! I went with my MIL 4 years ago. She’s from HK and she was able to tell me a lot about the Old Hong Kong part of the park because that’s how she remembered it from when she was a little girl! I’m hoping to take my littles to HK next year and Ocean Park is a must-stop for our family!

    • Global Girl Travels
      June 12, 2017 at 11:40 am

      What a cool experience with your MIL. Glad to hear it’s an authentic history.

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