Best Places in Italy for a Girls Getaway

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Jessica Peterson
Jessica Peterson at Biltmore Mansion Estate, Asheville, North Carolina

You might be planning for a girls’ getaway for a long time now; however, planning an out-of-the-country trip is pretty challenging especially if you are with your friends. One of the most beautiful countries to spend your quality time with them is in Italy, where you can stroll around and see its landmarks or finally experience authentic Italian food while catching up with your girls. 

Here, we will share with you some of the best places that Italy has to offer.


Milan is renowned to be the fashion and design capital in Italy, not to mention that it is also where the national stock exchange is located. If you want to experience dining in their high-end restaurants, look no further because you have different options while visiting here. Various luxury shops are also in this location, so if you plan on splurging during your trip, this is the best place to stay. 

Additionally, if you want to visit historical places or landmarks, the Duomo Di Milano Cathedral and the Convent of Santa Maria Delle Grazie is also here. On the other hand, Da Vinci’s work, “The Last Supper” is housed in the said convent which will definitely amuse the history and art lovers.


A lot of tourists take a trip to Rome to take a tour around the Vatican, where the main headquarters of the Catholic Church is located. Aside from housing the seat of the Papacy and the Sistine Chapel, it’s also a must-visit due to its ancient ruins, architectural prowess, roman cuisine, diverse quartieri, and slow pace of life. You can make your trip more convenient and worthwhile by going for Vatican private tours.


A city that is a part of Tuscany, Italy. It is famous for the Palio, which is a horse racing event that is held twice a year. Also, if you are into medieval architecture or you want to learn more about it, this is the best place in Italy to start. With its gothic-style town hall (Palazzo Pubblico) to their main tower that offers scenic views of the city (Torre Del Mangia), you and your friends will definitely enjoy walking around and knowing more about the city’s rich history with your favorite gals. 


With its coastline views, it is quite reminiscent to Greece’s Santorini with its all-white exterior. Amalfi is famous for their Limoncello Liquor which is cultivated between the months of February to October. Privately touring the Amalfi Coast is perfect for tourists who want to stay in a seaside setting where they can relax and enjoy their vacation while getting out and explore everything the scenic area has to offer and of course, enjoying the breathtaking views. 


An architecture enthusiast’s dream place, Turin has different structures, from Baroque to Nouveau, that will grab the attention of the tourists that will visit the place. The National Cinema Museum is also worth visiting. They incorporated interactive objects, so visitors will go out of the place with new-found knowledge about the Italian cinema.

Italy, for one, is a haven for foodies. Any restaurant in the vicinity that you decide to dine into is worth your while. With that being said, visiting this country with your friends is totally worth it. From the city’s rich history, beautiful structures, excellent food, to the precious art from Italy’s renowned artists, this will certainly be a trip of a lifetime.

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