The Number 1 Secret of Successful Bloggers

The Number 1 Secret of Successful Travel Bloggers

Gary Arndt has one. Melyssa Griffin has a couple. The Blonde Abroad has six. Global Girl Travels (ahem, this blog) has two. So, what is the number one secret of successful travel bloggers? Keep reading. As many posts as there are about achieving blogosphere stardom, there is one thing left out. This key to success is pretty much…

Blogging 101: How Pinterest Became My Number 1 Traffic Source

I rarely promote commercial products without compensation, but today I want to tell you about Pinfinite Growth because it really works. Pinfinite Growth is an e-course for bloggers who want to beef up their Pinterest game. Melyssa Griffin is the “infopreneur” behind this online course. I started following her a few years ago because, like me, she’s a graphic designer…

Jessica Peterson at No. 5 Valley B&B, Zhangjiajie, China

10 Life-Saving Steps Before You Quit Your Job to Travel

I think it’s safe to say we’re all pretty fed up with the rally cry to quit our 9-to-5’s and travel full-time. Those posts are sort of a big middle finger to anyone silly enough to desire financial security, three square meals a day, and trivialities like medical care. Hey, I love travel as much as…

Branding your blog

Blogging 101: Branding Your Blog

From Jessica: There are three things that are essential to having a successful blog: engaging content, beautiful photos, and yes, good blog design. In the marketing world, we call that branding. Just like cattle branding, your blog design — logo, colours, layout, etc. — needs to stick with your readers. In addition, everything you post…

Blogging 101: Blogger Vs. WordPress

Blogging 101: Blogger vs. WordPress

I’m excited to announce a new feature on Global Girl Travels — Blogging Master Class! I’m even more excited to my new contributor, Dana Rohr. Dana lives in Guam and reached out to me online. We met for lunch and decided to collaborate. Dana is a smart 19-year-old who I’ll be mentoring in her blogging career as…

GGT TV: A Day in the Life of a Travel Blogger

Watch the video below! I’d be lying if I said every day was a jet set day of first class travel to exotic destination or glamorous photo shoots where I look like a curvier Sophia Loren. Inquiring minds want to know, Do you sit around in your underwear typing all day? Actually, some days, yes, but I wear…

Girl in leather dress on bench at hotel in Guam

Travel Blogging 101: Finding Your Niche

Five years ago blogging was a totally different ball game. There were fewer players and even fewer rules. Now there are millions of bloggers and readers have even shorter attention spans. The bar for bloggers is at its highest ever. This makes finding a niche absolutely essential. In fact, it’s the first step to starting a successful blog. I know, because I started a few unsuccessful blogs before I found my niche, quit my job, and started making more money blogging than I did working full-time.

How much do travel bloggers get paid?

How Much Do Travel Bloggers Get Paid?

Thousands of travel-loving pragmatists are sitting at their desks right now wondering how to quit their jobs and become professional travel bloggers. It’s possibly the millennium’s most romantic job — and the most misunderstood. I know because I’m a travel blogger.