Complete Guide to Eating, Drinking and Staying in Vassiliki, Greece

Lefkada, also known as Lefkas, in Greece is one of the most picturesque islands of the Ionians. The island is home to long golden beaches where the sea’s blue color merges with the bleaching water, incredible landscapes, traditional villages, a few animated beach resorts with numerous bars and restaurants, a captivating capital, Byzantine churches, and…

Watch My Most Epic Landscape Video Yet

I made this video months ago for National Geographic’s Assignment Explorer contest. Sadly, I was not a finalist, but I’m sharing the video because it contains previously unreleased footage from some of the most epic landscapes I’ve seen. Iceland New Zealand Arizona (new) Savannah (new) China Niagara Falls If you like this film, give it…


Tips For Planning Your Turkish Vacation This Summer

Turkey is a huge and diverse country with so many interesting places to visit that planning a holiday here can seem a little overwhelming. Save yourself some stress with these tips to whether you’re visiting for a few days, a few weeks, or even longer. Start in the Southwest The southwest region of Turkey is…

Fethiye, Turkey Tours

How to Tour Fethiye, Turkey

Many people head for the Turquoise Coast of Turkey, using Fethiye as their base simply to enjoy the wonderful climate. It’s a place to relax, swim, and get a guaranteed suntan. Fethiye tours are best experienced with the help of experienced guides. History and Culture Fethiye itself has some reminders of the Lycian civilization that occupied this…

My 15 Favorite Travel Experiences

My 15 Favorite Travel Experiences

I didn’t visit every destination on my 2015 bucket list this year, but that’s just fine. I’m more interested in quality travel than in quantity. This is perhaps why I don’t travel full-time. I grounded myself for six months (!) to work on my first documentary film. I’m glad to report I’m almost done… And…


Getting Steamy at Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Pretty much the most touristy thing you can do in Iceland, Blue Lagoon is still a must-experience stop. The lagoon is tucked into a part of town that looks positively post-Apocalyptic with piles of black volcanic rubble. The drive out there is a bit spooky, but you didn’t come to Iceland to see anything banal,…

7 Places I Want to Visit Before I Die

7 Places I Want to Visit Before I Die (VIDEO)

It’s no secret that I love travel films. Short, long, blockbuster, indie — a good travel film can inspire a trip. Here are some of the films inspiring me lately. Zhangjiajie National Forest, China Lofoten, Norway Morocco Antarctica Cinque Terre, Italy Iran Punjab, India Which of these films are most inspiring to you?

3 reasons to get off the beaten path in iceland

3 Reasons to Get Off the Beaten Path in Iceland (PHOTOS)

I always considered myself a city girl at heart, but a few years ago that changed. Now what I crave more than anything else is to get off the beaten path. I don’t like to share elbow room with other tourists. I don’t ever need to see another McDonald’s again. I don’t care if I’m within cell phone range. I like isolation, quiet, a bit of danger, and most of all — The Unknown.

The Sound of Iceland (VIDEO)

What does the Land of Fire and Ice sound like? Listen. This travel film was shot over 9 days in a campervan exploring geothermal hotspots, mystic mountains, and half-frozen waterfalls in Iceland.