Complete Guide to Eating, Drinking and Staying in Vassiliki, Greece

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Jessica Peterson

Lefkada, also known as Lefkas, in Greece is one of the most picturesque islands of the Ionians. The island is home to long golden beaches where the sea’s blue color merges with the bleaching water, incredible landscapes, traditional villages, a few animated beach resorts with numerous bars and restaurants, a captivating capital, Byzantine churches, and archaeological sites. Vassiliki is among the many beaches of Lefkada.

Vassiliki sits on a wide bay of Lefkas’s south coast. This stunning place is the second biggest holiday resort on the whole Island. This resort is 40 km from the main Lefkas Town via car. It is 60 km from Preveza Airport; from here it is 1 hour by car. The Vassiliki village sits on the bay’s eastern side and its western side is known as Ponti, which is connected to the village via coast road.

The main spot here is the area near the beach, which is rapidly developing as new apartments and hotels are constructed. The beach is mostly covered with shingles and pebbles and only some portions have sand like the western part of the beach located in Ponti.

Vassiliki has the ideal wind conditions for kite surfing and windsurfing. It is one of the top places in Greece to learn windsurfing.

This friendly harbor village is a versatile ferry hub or port that can take you to Ithaka and Kefalonia. It encompasses a stony beach as well as boutique shops in the small street that connects the main road and the harbor.

When should you visit Vassiliki?

This summer town does not see a lot of crowd at the beginning and end of the summer season. However, it is full of activity during July and August, the peak summer months. It is during these months that the town gets its name as one of the best windsurfing European capitals. Even the afternoon wind here has a name, that is, Eric. On a busy day, you can see hundreds of windsurfers windsurfing in the water.

Staying in Vassiliki

There are a lot of spacious apartments and hotels in Vassiliki. Though the most famous and big one here is Club Vass. Nothing can equate the feeling of sitting back in a nice club hotel. This is why people take beach club holidays to loosen up while doing some adventure on the side.

A beach club holiday in Club Vass offers you three key places to stay. This includes the hotel, which is situated on the beach. It has a nice pool, great child care amenities, and air-conditioned rooms that overlook the beach.

Andromeda is at a distance of 500m from the main club and beach. It is a quieter place but more scenic. It offers self-catering facilities with a sink, dual hob, and fridge. This residence is for travelers seeking calm.

Neilson has its own lodging with a pool and bar. Neared to town, you’ll find more self-catering facilities and studio flats.

If you plan to camp at Vassiliki, book in advance since spots go fast.

Eating out and nightlife

There are many restaurants and bars in Vassiliki (though Nidri has more). Vassiliki has a lot of variety in food with good quality. Ponti and Vassiliki village are close by, nearly 2 km from each other, and the nightlife varies.


Ponti is a quiet place with a handful of restaurants and taverns. If you seek seclusion, then visit Ponti. Plus, Ponti will feel like home since the waiter, cook, and the owner come from the same family and stay in the local area only. They have been managing their respective eateries for many years by serving high-quality food and showing a hospitable nature.

If you want to have lunch at Ponti, head straight to the restaurants above the sandy beach. Treat yourself to yummy food as well as get stunning views of the windsurfers and the Vassiliki Bay.


Vassiliki village is bustling with people particularly in peak season — the months of July and August. At other times, you’ll mainly find mature couples who relax quietly (as compared to families with kids and young windsurfers who visit this favorite windsurfing destination in Greece during high season).

Amble along the harbor till the ferry dock and check out the menu boards of various eateries. All of these food joints have affordable prices.

You should certainly try Gyros, dubbed as the best snack of this place. They’ll cost you around €2, which include a pita that has onion, chips, meat, tomato, and Tzatziki. Two will fill you up.

There are several supermarkets down the road, including small local and large commercial shops offering almost everything. Here, you can also find places to purchase fish as well as butchers since it is a fishing hamlet.

You can clearly see the liveliness of this place in the night, where pubs cater to young people and restaurants offer Greek as well as international dishes. Although there are eateries everywhere in Vassiliki, if you are looking for nightlife, find a table on the harbor.

Zeus Bar is the famous local pub, which houses almost every instructor from the several centers till the morning hours. If you want to lounge at a quieter place, visit the Vass Bar and Tunnel Bar.

No matter where you’re staying in Vassiliki, you can walk back to your lodging. European beers, like Heineken, Amstel, and Mythos are affordably priced. They will cost you nearly €2 per bottle. If you love aniseed, try the Greek specialty, Ouzo.

Visit Vassiliki for the affordability, the water sports, and of course, the delicious Greek food.

Have you been to Greece? What was your favorite spot?

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