Dubai Creek & Spice Souk

Jessica Peterson

Just minutes away from the record-breaking Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall (largest in the world), is Dubai Creek — a throwback to Dubai’s origins as a port of trade. Wooden vessels still ply the working creek and a bustling spice and gold souk awaits visitors and residents in the mood for something, well, a little more authentic.

dubai creek boat BW H hi

dubai creek jess H hi

dubai creek 1 H hi  dubai creek boat H hi dubai creek boatmen H hi

spice souq hall V hi

I loaded up on Iranian saffron, vanilla beans, cinnamon, star anise, and chocolate.

spices 1 H hi

spices close H hi

jess souq V hi

souq walkway 2 H hi

doorman turban V hi

shoes H hi gold jewelry H hi

The Emirates are particular about public displays of affection, meaning, if you’re a heterosexual couple, even holding hands is officially improper. However, men going mano y mano isn’t a problem at all, as evidenced below.

man holding hands V hi shoes 2 V hi

arab man souq H hi

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  1. 27Bebop
    January 25, 2013 at 3:25 am

     Thanx for the pics…nice!

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