Hong Kong by Night, by Sea

Jessica Peterson

With its iconic skyline, I was very much looking forward to seeing Hong Kong. It mattered not that the fog rolled in and didn’t roll out. The weather was cooler than Guam and that’s all that mattered to us!  For a panoramic view of one of the world’s most famous skylines, we hopped aboard the Star Ferry. Transversing the Victoria Harbour in 15 minutes, it’s the best way to take in both the dramatic mountains and the skyscrapers lining the Kowloon and Hong Kong islands. And for only $2.50, we rode the Ferry a couple times to give our aching feet a respite from all the pavement pounding.

(Be aware that there is a more expensive harbour tour sold at the ticket office just below the entry to the Star Ferry. Continue up the stairs past this booth to purchase the shorter ferry ride. Read my full Hong Kong travel story.

Ferry-woman-camera-H Ferry-skyline-H

Ferry-man-H fishermen-V


Hong Kong shows its stuff nightly with a laser show projected from 40 buildings. Watching the red-sailed wooden boats ply the Harbour was the best part. Truthfully, this show ain’t got nothing on Singapore’s laser/mist/bubbles display! (See my Singapore story.)


It was pretty romantic and I love how safe Hong Kong is (like many Asian cities we’ve visited), so being out after dark in a big crowd is quite tame.


People start lining the promenade 30 minutes or more before the show, so get there early to secure a photo-worthy spot.


Hong-Kong-skyline-V Hong-Kong-skyline-boat-wide-H Hong-Kong-skyline-boat-H

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