How To Pack For A Girls Weekend Getaway

Jessica Peterson

So you’ve been invited on a girls’ weekend getaway, and maybe it’s been awhile since you last went out on one. This is your chance to unwind and hang out with the ladies you care most about, no strings attached.

It’s one of those rare times when the laundry, dirty dishes and vacuuming is all put on the backburner and you get to throw caution to the wind and enjoy life in that special, carefree way only experienced among beloved girlfriends.

And so, with the big weekend fast approaching, how do you pack for it?

Pack Light

Getaways are about freedom and escape, not heaviness and burdens. So why lug around your entire closet? That would be smart if you were studying or sightseeing in Paris for the summer and needed a lot of outfit changes, but this trip is only for a couple of days.

Chat with the ladies about the venues you all might be attending, and prepare from there. If you’re planning to go camping, a pair of sturdy boots will come in handy, but if you’re going to be dancing and partying the entire time, you might opt for your sexiest, comfiest heels. Regardless, the key is to be a minimalist, which brings me to my next point.


If you put every article of clothing in your suitcase that you think is cute, you won’t exactly be packing light, so what you need to do is ponder and sort.

Again, consider the activities on schedule, even if they’re only penciled in and subject to change, and lay out a variety of your favorite apparel that’s suitable for those occasions.

Once that’s done, narrow those pieces down further. For example, you may have pulled out seven tops — which would be too many — and need to select three instead. It may be difficult to choose between your hot pink blouse with the miniature white polka dots, your cherished flannel shirt, and the one with the snazzy sleeves, but you have to make a decision.


Grab all of your statement pieces and make outfits out of them. Mix and matching jeans with different tops for example, is a great way to cut down on space while still looking stylish. Toss the remainders back in the closet. Frankly, if your attire doesn’t make a fresh, bold, beautiful statement, what’s the point of wearing it? That is, unless you girls are planning to be in the woods the entire trip.

Otherwise, you’ll want to look great and feel great. Don’t feel sorry about that. That’s a woman’s inalienable right. After you’ve sorted and narrowed your choices and made outfits of them, you’re done; but double-check to make sure they’re worthy of a fabulous getaway.

Let’s practice.

Plain, black shirt you wear every week? No. Platinum dress with rhinestones around the neckline? Yes.

Frumpy “mom” jeans and drab belt? No. Edgy pleather number with discreet zipper? Yes, yes, yes!

The 3 F’s

No girl’s bag is complete until she tops it off with the three F’s: first aid, food and fun.

It’s pretty self-explanatory. After you’ve picked out your attire for the journey, throw in a first aid kit. It’s not being negative, it’s just being equipped for whatever might happen, and can help with everything from safety to time management.

I’m sure you gorgeous ladies are going to visit a fancy restaurant or two, but it’s still smart to pack snacks. An appetizer or something to nibble on can go a long way, especially when you have a long drive. Plus, it will save you money.

Lastly, don’t forget some supplementary recreation. You and your girlfriends will be keeping each other company, undoubtedly having fun. But, inexorably, there will be quiet moments. Have a book, DVD or other entertainment on hand.

Bonus Tips

What to bring on your mini vacay is just as important as what not to bring. It could mean the difference between misery and rhapsody.

Avoid items and paraphernalia that remind you of work, like to-do lists, work-only devices and calendars, to name a few. Also, do yourself a favor and avoid any work-related emails. Limit social media usage, including posting excessively, and just enjoy your girls and the scenery. After all, that’s why you’re going in the first place, right?

Even when it comes to your loved ones, say, your children and significant other, you have to prohibit yourself from carrying things with you that will draw your attention back to them all the time.

Photographs, sentimental lockets or trinkets and homemade “I Love You Mommy” cards can make you feel homesick the whole time, causing you to mope, complain and have misgivings about your decision to get away. You don’t want to be the party pooper, shattering the morale of the sisterhood, do you?

Oh, and no excessive calling to check up on everybody and everything you left behind. It’s only a weekend getaway. Besides, your adoration for them should be embedded in your heart, knowing how to love from afar.

Remember, you’re not being mean or self-absorbed, you’re only kicking back for this one short weekend and having some vacation time — just you and the girls. And there’s no harm in that, only reward. A well-rested, refreshed mommy, wife or girlfriend is healthier one and a joy to be around. So give that gift to yourself and your family when you return home.

Cancel the guilt trip before it starts, and enjoy your well-deserved girls’ trip, Sunshine!

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