How to Plan a Luxury Trip

Jessica Peterson

Many people look forward to going on trips because it’s a chance to change environments. No matter how much you love your home town or city, there will be times that you need to come up for air. Times like these are when a trip becomes long overdue. The question then becomes where should you go and how long for? If you’re going for the purposes of pampering and relaxation, you may want to plan a luxury trip this time around. Here is how you can plan a luxury tip that will be difficult to forget.

Jessica Peterson at Maya Ubud Infinity Pool, Bali

Set a Budget 

People always assume that a luxury trip has to cost a robust amount of money. However, this is not always the case, especially if you master getting good quality things without paying full price. With that being said, decide how much you’re willing to spend because the reality is, you could end up spending thousands if you have a real budget. Create a priority list so that you know where you’re willing to spend the most money whether it be on accommodation or fine dining.

Choose a Luxury Destination 

It’s important to note that some destinations can be deemed more luxury than others. Examples of luxury destinations in the world are the Seychelles which consists of crystal clear waters and breath-taking beaches. There is also Tanzania which gives you the combination of a safari experience and luxury stay all in one. Think about what you define as luxury and which destination is in the best position to give you that.

Fly Private 

Your trip to your destination is part of the experience as well. Having said that, instead of traveling with commercial airlines explore the option of flying private. You could do a private jet rental which would add to the luxury experience and ensure you arrive at your destination in style. 

Some things that you should know about flying with a private jet are that the cost is typically calculated per hour as opposed to per person, which becomes useful when traveling in groups. Also, you are in the drivers’ seat so you can make your trip as comfortable as you want. 

Pick the Right Accommodation 

When you scroll through social media, you will find people posting travel related pictures, and a lot of them will be inside of luxury hotels or apartments. You should, therefore, look for somewhere that is both comfortable and aesthetically attractive. If you find you’re going to stay in a luxury hotel, then perhaps try booking with discount sites. A hack that you may find useful when booking your hotel is to book closer to the time you’re traveling. This is because the closer you get to arrival, the more the rate declines. 

Fine Dining

Another part of a luxury holiday is fine dining, so consider this when planning too. Some of the best places in the world for fine dining are Georgia and Japan. Research the main cuisines of the destinations you want to go to as well as the most popular restaurants. This will give you something to look forward to and an idea of what kind of clothes you need to wear to such venues. 

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