How to Vacation in Bandung, Indonesia & Around

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Indonesia is a diverse country of islands with destinations both cultivated and wild, from the densely populated and modern Jakarta to the orangutan preserves in Borneo.

Bandung is centrally located on the island of Java. It’s popular with tourists for its tropical weather and high elevation. You can explore volcanoes one day and be back in the comfort of a cosmopolitan city the next. With a population of 2.4 million, Bandung is the third-largest city in Indonesia. If you are looking for the most shopping, dining, and architecture outside of Jakarta, consider a visit to Bandung. Take a stroll down Braga Street to get a glimpse of the 1920’s style. This chic street helped Bandung achieve the nickname, Paris of Java.

How to Get There

A train trip from Jakarta brings tourists into Bandung the same day. Buy tickets at the Gambir Train Station or reserve ahead. Destinations can be booked from Jakarta to as far away as Surabaya, in the far east of the island of Java.

A beautiful 110-mile trip through jungle countryside and mountains is a great way to avoid the hassle of city traffic and highway slowdowns. Observe the agriculture that is ever-present in this productive country. Relax on the way to a weekend of fun, shopping and new food selections. Large open train cars with comfortable seats prove to be great transportation for families with children. Watch this video to see what the train ride to Bandung is like.

Where to Stay in Bandung

Hotel Jayakarta Bandung

Hotel accommodations are available in every price and comfort level. Five-star accommodations are not uncommon. Stay at Hotel Jayakarta Bandung near the Dago Heritage Golf Course, which has 8.2 out of 10 stars on TripAdvisor. This location also has nearby attractions like hot springs cliffs, conservation parks, and museums. It’s all a short ride from the busy capital of Jakarta. Hotel booking here.

More Indonesian Destinations

Take a one-day trip to the gorgeous tea plantation in Ciwidey. Isn’t it breathtaking?

Tea plantation, Ciwidey Bandung

On the island of Borneo, there are wildlife preserves that are open to properly trained rangers. When tourists visit, there are opportunities to be escorted to see gibbons, orangutans and other primates that are in the wild. River wildlife includes macaque monkeys, crocodiles, snakes and monitor lizards.

Tanjung Puting Park, Borneo Indonesia

A river boat captain and crew can offer transportation to the interior of the island where prehistoric forest and jungle is still safely preserved. The klotok boats ply the waterways from Pangkalan Bun to reach interior destinations where wild animals still roam. Each cabin cruiser is constructed in the local style with bright colors and a top deck for observation. Local food is served and a crew of young people keeps the journey safe. Weather never stops these intrepid river people. A new brightly colored top is unrolled to shield from the rain and soon after is put away again so the view of nature is not obstructed.

Girl on a riverboat in Borneo, Indonesia

Looking for the original “Eat, Love, Pray” experience? Indonesia has several locations as lush and timeless as Bali. There are many tourist destinations a short flight or ferry ride from overnight accommodations.

Ubud Maya, Bali

What’s your favorite part of Indonesia?

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