Must-have allergy medications for travel

Jessica Peterson

Holidays are so necessary to keep your mental sanity intact. They are a break from everyday monotonous schedules, and a breather. When one is traveling, it is somewhat tricky in the beginning to adapt to a new atmosphere and weather conditions, so it is always better to be safe than sorry.

The most common known allergens are nuts, pollen, dust; which is further identified as hay fever. Itchiness of eyes, swelling, redness and so forth: the Duration of allergies varies because some can last a few days and some years in the end.

There are antihistamines, the primary purpose of which is to treat allergy symptoms. They can be taken as pills, drops, liquids, nasal sprays and even eye drops. They are readily available over the counter, and some are prescription only as well. Depending on the severity of the reaction.

When one is exposed to allergens, this disturbs the immune system. Which causes the immune system in the body to release a substance called histamine. Which attaches itself to the blood vessels causing discomfort and for them to become enlarged. Which further cause redness, swelling and itchiness. Antihistamines are the drugs to treat these allergens. Some can make you sleepy along with the treatment of the allergies, and some don’t. Over time, people find that some medications just work better than the others. Preferably the allergy medicines shouldn’t be mixed with other medicines. The antihistamines stop the histamine already in your cells. Treating and further reducing the symptoms.

Quite a few medicines are available in all pharmacies;

1) Epipen, which is an injection with the chemical epinephrine. It causes the blood vessels in the body to become narrow and opens the air in the lungs. The reaction of this on the body is that it reverses any allergic reactions the body is undergoing. For example hives or severe skin itching, insect bites. This particular medication is for severe allergy cases.

Epipen is mostly suggested as an emergency goes to for a severe allergic reaction. It acts quite fast with the body, but afterwards, treatment is required. Also, the doctor should be informed if the patient has a history of any heart diseases, coronary issues, diabetes etc. because the use of this can have an adverse effect.

Use the Epipen precisely as the doctor advised to avoid any further complications.

2) Nasacort nasal spray; It is readily accessible at any pharmacy. And it effectively provides relief from itching and sneezing along with any nasal congestion for up to twenty-four hours. Its active ingredient is Triamcinolone acetonide.

Mostly suggested for adults above 18 years of age. Its inflammatory uses make it the ideal must have for anyone who tends to battle allergies often. Again it shouldn’t be used if you have an underlying medical condition, this should first be discussed with the doctor before the use of this nasal spray.

3) Allacan 10mg Film-coated Tablets;

These tablets are used for the relief of any allergic conditions. From pet allergies, hay fever, to your body reacting to dust. This can be taken by anyone who’s above the age of six. This also is for oral use only. The active ingredient in these is cetirizine hydrochloride.

4) Boots pharmaceuticals one a day allergy relief. This is attainable from any of the boots pharmacies. This again is for any onset of sudden allergic reactions while on holiday or other times of the year. You just take one tablet a day and don’t have to worry about the rest. This is particularly beneficial because it even treats skin redness and symptoms of urticaria; also known as hives. (Not recommended for blisters though).

Who knows what type of predicament one might run into miles away from home.

The active ingredient in these is Loratadine. Which provides temporary relief from pollen allergies, dust or any substance present in the air. It falls under antihistamines. There is no restriction that it has to be taken with a meal.

5) Opticrom Allergy Single Dose; these are eye drops to treat them from any discomfort. It treats itchy eyes and redness. The active ingredient in these is Sodium cromoglicate. These are for ocular use only. These are easy to use and also available at any close by pharmacy. Another neat fact about them is that they are also contact lenses friendly. They shouldn’t be used for an extended period.

6) Becodefense Allergy Defence 140 Sprays; this provides instant relief against hay fever and any other allergic reactions. It is five times more effective than any tablet. And begins to show relief within three minutes. Imagine all your discomfort gone within seconds. So make sure you take this with you on your holiday escape. It treats watery, itchy eyes, nasal congestion, sneezing and all the allergy symptoms. The workings of this, diffuse pollen rapidly, clearing allergens within your system quickly. The best part is it forms a barrier against any further irritation, which may occur. This can be used when one can feel the allergic reaction beginning to develop. It catches it in its initial stages and treats it for you. The Becodefence consists of a particular Thixotropic formula that when shaken becomes flowing for natural dispersion. Which later settles as a gel in the nasal lining to act as a barrier against further reaction.

None of the medicines listed should be taken above the stated dosage. And medical advice should be taken prior and after if your body reacts to any of the medication. Whether it is swelling of the face, lips, mouth or throat, dry mouth, or any other unexplainable behaviour from your body. Experts at Click Pharmacy urge all patients to speak to their medical advisors about their medical history. Which surprisingly even includes the vitamins that you are taking. Discuss if you have any inherited conditions, kidney diseases, or asthma, or you are or are planning to become pregnant all these things should be discussed with your care providers in detail. Keep open communication with your doctors.

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