Why the UK Should Top Your 2019 Travel List

Jessica Peterson

Have you been crunching the numbers for your next holiday, maybe you’ve got the time booked off, but you aren’t sure on where to set your sights? If you’ve been desperate for a holiday this year but haven’t locked down the location, here some reasons why you should be considering the United Kingdom for your break away.

It’s the Home of Culture

England was once a super power and had fingers in pies all across the world, some of which you can still see the influences today, whether it’s an image of the English red cross in their national flag or the Queen taking pride of place on their bank notes. While they’ve since lost most the power they held all those decades ago, you can still see evidence of the impressive history and culture that floods the entire United Kingdom from the tip of the Highlands in Scotland down to Cornwall and over to Northern Ireland.

Check out the remains left over from the innovative Romans, from Roman city walls, aqueducts, castles and the roads that are still in use to this very day. Or discover the history left behind by the Anglo-Saxons that followed the Romans, from traditional stone churches to awe-inspiring hand carved crosses, some of which have stood for over 1,200 years. Wherever history was made in the United Kingdom, evidence is available and on display and you’ll find that traditional English towns are very proud of the heritage of their past and are keen to share it with you.

Chase Legendary Heroes and Mythical Beasts

Every country has their ghost stories, however, the historic legends that have been passed down from family to family in the UK are both enthralling and numerous. From the legendary outlaw, Robin Hood, who stole from the rich to support the poor in Nottingham, and Nessie, the great beast that resides in Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands. To the fabled Welsh Giant that lived atop of Cadair Idris, one of Wale’s most iconic mountains and St Murrough O’Heaney’s endeavour to trap Lig na Paiste, Ireland’s last monstrous serpent in Londonderry.

There are plenty more legends and myths to be found across the whole of the United Kingdom so start asking around and see if you can track down the whispers left in time by the heroes and monsters that star in some of these historic tales.

It’s the Home of the Great British Caravan Stay

Holidays are normally taken in quaint B&BS and sophisticated hotels however, when you come to the United Kingdom, the best way to truly experience a traditional British holiday is to find yourself a popular caravan park with plenty of on-site activities and facilities and make yourself comfortable. Not only is this an excellent insight into one of the most popular holiday-stays in the UK, it’s a truly exciting experience and can see you make new friends, discover some beautiful countryside excursions and even earn a bit of side income. Should you choose to purchase your own park home or static caravan for holiday purposes or even make a British residential park your new home.  

There is a wide choice of caravan parks to stay on when you come to the UK and you can stay according to your own interests and likes. For instance, if you want a beach holiday, stay in a coastal caravan park, want to explore the spectacular countryside, look for a central caravan park near to one of the stunning national parks. Most caravan parks in the UK are family friendly and perfect for allowing the kids to have a bit of freedom to explore the children-friendly facilities including swimming pools, arcades and evening entertainment, without concern.

With the summer holiday soon to be upon us, you haven’t got much longer to decide where you will be jetting off to spend some well-earned relaxation time, so rather than go to the same place yet again or choose overcrowded destinations in the Mediterranean or Caribbean. Treat yourself to quintessential British holiday this summer and discover the wonder of the British Isles.

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