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About Global Girl Travels

GGT is a point of inspiration to plan travel to Asia, Oceania, and Micronesia. Through vivid stories and photographs, I introduce you to lesser-known destinations while sharing travel tips to save time and money. I stick to the motto: “Travel like a lady. Budget like a boss.”

About Jessica

Jessica Peterson of Global Girl Travels

Jessica Peterson has been traveling the world since she was 21. She started a career in music journalism at 19 and has since expanded her skills to include marketing, photography, and web design.

She is the creator of The Guam Guide, a site she operates from the picturesque Pacific island. After moving from Texas to Guam in 2009, Jessica started traveling to Asia, Africa, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, and Palau, to name a few. In fact, most of her travel has occurred in the last seven years.



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