5 Things You Must Do in Dallas

Jessica Peterson

Lose Your Voice at a Mavs Game

My brother Gabe, an avid Mavs fan, and I enjoyed every minute of the Kobe-less Lakers vs. Mavs at American Airlines Center. It’s a beautiful Deco-inspired stadium in downtown Dallas with first class accommodations. There’s truly no bad seat in the house. I splurged on seats that allowed me to sniper Kobe with my telephoto lens (75-300mm f4-5.6, if you’re into that sorta thing). I’ve always been a Steve Nash fan so it was fun seeing him play a bunch of Mavs players I couldn’t name, but was easily obliged to stare at for two hours. (See below.)

Below you will see my brother beaming ear-to-ear, so I would say the splurge was highly worth it for a little sibling bonding and a fun way to lose your voice.

Dallas Mavericks gameDallas Mavericks gameDallas Mavericks gameDallas Mavericks gameDallas Mavericks gameDallas Mavericks game

Eat Your Heart Out at Eatzi’s

I may be known to hyperbolize, but believe me when I say the Eatzi’s salad is the Best Salad on Earth. This Oak Lawn staple is an Italian masterpiece in a sea of franchises. Part deli/bakery/grocery store, Eatzi’s offers gourmet everything for a quick lunch or a dinner party. Wine, flowers, cheese, bread, seafood, deli meats, sushi, pastries, and the much lauded salad bar are just a few reasons to linger in this compact, opera-filled deli.

eatzis salad HEatzi's DallasEatzi's DallasEatzi's DallasEatzi's Dallas

Get Cultured at Meyerson Symphony Center

I’ve always loved the Deco curves of the Meyerson concert hall juxtaposed with the monolithic lines of the lobby. When a truly state-of-the-art performance space is matched by seasoned talent, I die a little. I took my parents to see “A Night at the Cotton Club” and it was nothing short of Gatsby-esque.

meyerson symphony center dallasmeyerson symphony center dallasmeyerson symphony center dallasmeyerson symphony center dallasmeyerson symphony center dallas

Free Jazz at Dallas Museum of Art

Head to DMA on the third Friday of the month for live jazz under the glowing Dale Chihuly glass installation. On “Late Nights” the museum is open until midnight and admission is free except for special exhibits. Get there early for a seat to listen to the jazz band or just roam the halls, philosophizing (or taking goofy pictures) with your friends. How many Friday night activities are wholesome and cool?

Dallas Museum of Art Dallas Museum of Art Dallas Museum of Art

Last three photos by James Knowles

Dress: H&M.  Jacket: Calvin Klein (similar).  Necklace: Forever 21.  Shoes: Macy’s.

Down a Nuts ‘n Berries at Trinity Hall

This Irish pub and restaurant still serves the best Nuts ‘n Berries I’ve ever tasted. The creamy liquor goes great with shepherd’s pie or even just fries. Toss one back while enjoying the live music which is guaranteed to include a fiddle.

Trinity-Hall-ext-V Trinity-Hall-band-H

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