Jessica Peterson, Global Girl Travels on Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia
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I can’t believe of all the times I’ve been to Sydney, that I have never ventured to Bondi Beach! I am going in a few months, so I’ll definitely have to get there then 🙂 Love your photos.

Sophie, you will love it! One of the most charming and fun beaches to people-watch.

I’ve always been fascinated with the surf culture at places like Bondi. So happy it lives up to the hype. And that golden sun looks epic in those pics. Great shots!

Brings back old memories & it’s great to have this lovely beach right there in Sydney, as it was a surprise the first time I drove by …

That is a beautiful beach. So nice to know that it is worth the hype. Must add that to my to do list when I finally get down under.

I hope you do, Jennifer. Happy travels!

You took some wonderful images of Bondi Beach at dawn and sunrise, it was well worth the early morning. The second image you shared is my favorite, the water almost looks 3D! Another well captured image is the one of the guy surfing and the big wave behind him.

I love shooting surfers. So mesmerizing.

I have always wanted to go to Bondi beach since my gran and cousin went many years ago. It really does look like it lives up to the hype!Awesome pictures, wanderlusting now

Expensive, but worth every penny!

You pictures are wonderful and capture the facets of bondi beach. Happy travelling 🙂

Thanks, Sridhar!

Ah! That’s such a sexy picture you’re painting describing the place and people in the first para! Many a times, such iconic places, do not live upto the hype. Good to know that Bondi actually was awesome! You look totally stunning.

Thank you!

I like the surfer’s photo the most. It is like the best representation of the Bondi beach. I feel like it is so laid-back in Australia. It was nice that you took early morning photos because there were only few tourists.

Thanks, Marissa!

Your pictures are so stunning! Bondi Beach seems so lovely with sand, sunny and waves! I would love to visit there on my Australian trip 🙂

I hope you do visit Bondi, Ha. It’s one of my favorite places on earth.

I love shooting silhouettes! Your photos are absolutely stunning. You captured Bondi Beach beautifully, adding it to my bucket list!

Isn’t it dreamy?

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