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Southern California is one of my favorite destinations! Can you tell me please where is that pier located?

This is San Clemente.

My favourite photo of yours is the one with the Hollywood sign! What a view… I would love to see that in person. The last time I was in California was when I was about 12 where the majority of the time was spent at Disneyland, I really hope to go back one day and explore more of Southern Cali!

The upside down sea lions are so cute. You have captured some really nice views of South California, and they make me dream of summer and warm weather.

Perfect lipstick. Amazing sunsets AND A SEAL! What’s not to love about Southern California? Oh I’m not there yet…

Well..I have been following your posts for a while and all your pictures make me want to pack my bags and these are no exceptions 🙂

Ok, I am ready to go! I grew up in So Cal and love seeing other people’s perspectives. I think there is more nature there than people expect, which you caught in these photos.

Well yes!! this looks more than amazing! Awesome capture of the ‘feel’ and vibe of Cali. Love to go.

yup! now I really need to go!!! Incredible pictures! i really love them! 🙂

Such stunning shots!! I adore Southern California. I was just there last month but after seeing your pics, I feel like I should start planning my next trip back haha.

Your photos certainly show there is no doubt that Southern California is a beautiful place. It definitely does want to make me pack my bags and explore. One day, one day…

Thanks for reading, Nicole.

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