20 Photos of Guam
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Looks amazing!

Danielle / http://www.escapingessex.com


Incredible photography!
Lots of love,
SilverSpoon London

I was in Guam last year for six months. Loved it so much, going back in January!
Wonderful everything!!!

Cool. What brought you out here?

I wish I knew if I can trust this plane ticket price offer round trip to Guam. I’m looking to purchase but I don’t know who I can trust. This seems ‘too good to be true” of a little over 700 dollars for round trip. I want to buy a ticket from WA. to Guam round trip. Please reply for I need help? My e-mail address is: sherlocksimps@cox.net Thanks!~~~Sherlock

Hi Sherlock. You’ll have to contact Delta for more information.

Travel from the US through Japan to Guam is not nearly as expensive as travel to Guam through Hawaii. I would not be surprised to see low prices through Japan. Keep in mind that of ALL the flights to Guam every day only ONE starts from the 50 states…from Hawaii. Japan is much, much cheaper.

BTW, the pic on my posting is from Guam.

Awesome tips and great way to promote our beautiful island.

Thanks, Zilla!

My grandmother is from Guam and came to Maine many, many years ago after meeting my grandfather when he was stationed in the military there. As a kid, I grew up eating a lot of Guamanian cuisine, which is still some of my preferred food today. It looks so beautiful! Someday I will make it there…

Hi Jeremy. I hope you do make a trip. I’m hosting a photography tour in April and December if you’re interested.

Lived on Guam from late 1986 til late 1988 and liked the island life very much. I am from Maine too, central coast .

I love Guam, but these pics can be a bit misleading…Know that in almost every picture it is 85F and 90% humidity. And the last picture, where is Guam, grossly overstates the size of the island. I say again, I love Guam and lived there for nearly six years on two occasions. And just to be honest, the ‘tasty international food’ slide is from a very high end hot dog stand with the best beer selection in Guam. McKraut’s is a truly Guam institution, and if you live on that side of the island you know just where it is.

Hi Scott. Which pictured misleads about the temperature? And you agree that there is tasty international food? Not sure what’s misleading about that either. Obviously, the map of Guam is not to scale because you wouldn’t be able to see the island if it was.

it is not so much that the pictures are misleading, but you don’t get the full story from the pictures. Guam is a very tiny place, with 150K people in a large number of small communities. That is what i love about it. But people sometimes think that tropical pictures=hawaii, and that isn’t true on two levels. First, the population on Oahu is really, really HUGE for the island. Second, the climate in Hawaii is much milder. I do love Guam, and plan to live there in my forever home, but a bunch of nice snaps don’t really tell the whole story. and the pic on tasty international food was not a dig on McCrauts, but Jeff’s Pirates Cove is on the same side of the island, with also interesting food and cold beer. Neirther of which is as tasty as that found downtown in Tumon or Agatna.

This picture post wasn’t intended to tell the WHOLE story of Guam and it’s not about whether you should move to Guam, but rather an invitation to visit.

Guam is often unfairly compared to Hawaii, so please don’t do that. I’ve got the whole story of Guam on my other site, TheGuamGuide.com, as well as in my documentary about the people, ChamorroFilm.com.

I agree that you need to exaggerate the size of Guam on a map, but that tends to lead people astray…show the real size alongside the ‘shown larger for context’ map.

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