Wasem Fruit Farm apple orchard, Milan, Michigan
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This is awesome! Michigan is a state I also seems to pass over when planning a trip but I will definitely have to add it to my list for the future.

Because I have family there, I discovered there’s quite a bit of nature to discover in northern Michigan too.

I’ve never been to Ann Arbor (or Michigan for that matter). This is the perfect post to save in case we ever make it on the road and can check it off of our ‘see-all-the-states’ list!!

I’d love to see all the States too.

I went to undergrad in Ann Arbor.. I love that town so much! Zingerman’s and Real Seafood Co were a couple of my favorite places to eat. There are so many great food places there though, it’s hard to choose! The Art Fair is amazing too. I’d have to add just strolling around the U of M central campus to this list. It’s a beautiful campus.

Yes, definitely U of M campus. I mention that in my subscriber-exclusive list of 5 additional things to do.

I’ll tuck this away for a future visit to Ann Arbor. #wkendtravelinspiration

Thanks, Jim.

I’ll definitely be returning to this post in the future! We’re only about an hour or so from Ann Arbor! We haven’t made it over there yet to explore though.

Hi Pam. I hope you enjoy it!

Every time I find a new travel blog I find a new place in the US that I must visit.This is getting slightly ridiculous. 😉 Thank you though!

I know the feeling. Happens to me too!

I scrolled down and hit your first photo of kayaking but I was distracted by the bagels in the second photo. I think I’d like to visit Ann Arbor.

Hi Rhonda. Your comment made me laugh!

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