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Retro Candy Shop, chicken on waffles! This is so up my alley. Austin, Texas sounds AMAZING! Thanks so much for sharing! I like how your blog is so easy to read!

The candy shop is my favourite … brings out the kid in me!!! ? Are there any places that you would recommend for vegetarians? I live the pomegranate margarita pic … makes me want to take a beach holiday ?

thanks for such an amazing list you’ve compiled..the eat out places looks so great

I’ve never been to Texas but Austin looks like a cool city. Your pictures are beautiful. I’d love to shop on Congress Street and at the candy shop.

As always very well written and researched with wonderful photos. The idea of Congreve Street had me really excited because I love everything Vintage and it just seems perfect for me. Thanks for a well rounded article.

Those chicken and waffles at the 24 diner sure look good, I wish I was in Texas! I’m not really into American chocolate but I’d give it a try, that sweet shop has a nice layout. The Marvin Gaye album was the one that caught my eye!

Wow that margarita is something special, looks like it belongs on Bali. Those are some awesome haunts that highlight the spirit of Austin. Did you eat any BBQ there? Its awesome, but the lines can be brutal.

Lot of great stuff here. I went to Austin last year and did a lot of eating. Franklin’s BBQ was amazing, but waited 6 hours for that. Still, I’d definitely like to try those chicken and waffles, but there is apparently a lot more to see. Definitely can have a great time there.

Some lovely suggestions out there and strange that you don’t like candy ? Well, even my sister hates 🙂 but I loovveee candy and definitely my fav is the candy store 🙂 Pomegranate margarita looks yummy

Great post! I was recently in Austin, but not there long enough to tour it. I will definitely have to go back now thanks to your post 🙂

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