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Hi Jessica, beautiful shots. What kind of camera you used?

Thanks, Jing! I use a Canon T3i.

Thanks. I use T2i. You don’t mind I add your website to my links? I love your style and fashion shots too. I will put this, ” Jessica Peterson, a true artist and a master of colors”. In the meanwhile , if you can add mine too yours as “a merry mess” will be great.

I added my personal style to my blogs, now there is not only something interesting to read, but something else to see too in my blog. But bear me, I am new on the scene and my stuff is raw.

These photos are stunning! It’s been too long since I’ve been to the Met!

Thanks, E!

Great shots! This post also reminds me that I have a ton of photos from the Met lying around somewhere that I need to find 😀

Thanks, Chanel. Isn’t the Met lovely?

This is fab! Need to book a class with asap!

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