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‘The thing’ I wanted to do and didn’t in New Zealand. It must be fantastic.

I highly recommend it, even if it does cost an arm and a leg!

:)) Next time! It’s a good excuse to go back in this wonderland!

Impressive photo post! Wow, I can already feel the mightiness of mother nature. Such mountains and glaciers, fantastic to see this. Here in Switzerland we also have quite high mountains and some glaciers but not that big as this one here. For me this is inspirational, because I really like the idea to make such amazing shots out of the helicopter. BTW – did you walk a heart in the snow on the 5th picture? 🙂

The collection of photos you have shared are amazing, incredibly detailed. What I thought was the most impressive about your trip was the fact that you guys had the glacier to yourselves. I’m looking forward to the go-pro footage!

Completely in awe of your photography skills… they are awesome! My parents have been to Franz Josef and missed out on the helicopter ride because of the weather but I have seen it before, although never in such clarity and again, I just love your photos a lot.

This certainly is a bucket list item. I’m glad you didn’t find it too cold as I can’t handle much cold. The glacier hot pools sound divine too. Oh and your photos are stunning!

Wow..what a trip! Such a wonderful glacier. And I absolutely love that first picture of you two..classic black and white 🙂

I have to say your photographs are absolutely amazing in this post. You needed no words as your pictures make me want to go there alone.
I think a day on the glacier is finished off nicely in the hot springs. I would love to go there in a helicopter as I haven’t yet been in one. Thanks for the additional recommendations in town too. Over all a really informative post. Thank you.

What an amazing experience to get to walk on a glacier. I’m guessing the glaciers in New Zealand are melting just as northern glaciers are? The views from the helicopter are quiet lovely. And you definitely deserve a second dessert to top off a day like that.

How incredibly amazing!!! This looks like the most perfect bucket list worthy experience. I would LOVE to ride in a helicopter and fly over a beautiful mountainous landscape only to land atop a mountain. Wow!

Ah this photos are breathtaking, especially the close ups of snow. It looks so fresh and fluffy! I’d love to visit NZ one day and do this trip!

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