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You look great! I love the vintage look 🙂
I’ve been to Grand Central some 10 years ago (dear god I’m getting old haha) and was so impressed! It was the first time I ever left my small city in Québec and I felt like I was in a movie. Thanks for bringing back those teenage memories!

The best thing about Grand Central is the ceiling. I thought I had gone to heaven when I looked up at that brilliant blue and constellations. Guess that’s why it’s featured in so many movies.

I love the ceiling in Grand Central! It’s so amazing there. Love the first photo in this. I just bought a similar coat actually!!

WOW! The pictures are stunning and you look really good too. I loved the lighting and the mood. I am visiting New York soon and would definitely like to shoot the central station like this.

I love Grand Central and these photographs are stunning! Love the outfits – you look stunning too! Next time I am there I may be a bit more adventurous with my photography as some amazing shots – and I love the punk rocker pic!!

Love the trench coat. So very Sherlock let’s solve a mystery kind of kit. These photos of Grand Central Station are just beautiful. Your friend did a great job capturing both you and the beauty of the building.

You are channeling Sherlock. These are great shots and at a fantastic location setting the tone for your mysterious shoot. One day I’ll make it to Grand Central station and see it in its’ glory.

I like Benedict Cumberbatch. He is the best actor as Sherlock Holmes. You look good in your trench coat. You could be Sherlock Holmes’ sidekick.

I have not seen Central Station in that way before, your pictures are just lovely and you look lovely too in your channeling your inner Sherlock 🙂 I love the couple getting their wedding pictures done.

Great photos. I’ve never been to Grand Central station but the chance of seeing a character like that old punk rocker/British oompa-loompa seems like reason enough to visit!

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