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Wow, your blog is so inspirational! Following you. Here is mine if you want to check it out.

Thanks, Andrea! Checking out your NY pics now. Very cool.

This is the first time I’ve visited your site on mobile, it looks great on here too! I find in these countries where they drive crazy you have to accept how they drive and they don’t seem to crash, it’s just a different method of driving. You were rewarded with some great views after driving through the lava fields.

Hey James. Good to know!

Bali is really a place of contradictions. As you mention, serene vistas co-exist with noisy streets. The picture of the hunter with the dog is really a great shot and has frozen the moment in time. The hot springs really look inviting.

Thanks, Vyjay!

I would love to wake up to that view. What a wonderful scenery surrounded by nature. I bet you never felt like leaving that place.

Thanks, Gokul!

Everything looks so lush and green! Lovely pictures, although I did do a double take at the man with the dog, I’m happy to read it is a hunter and not just a man with a gun (and a dog) driving in traffic.

Ha ha. So true, Naomi.

Amazing pictures. The landscape looks so pure and fresh as if it has just been washed by a fresh dose of rain. Bali is so very beautiful. Can’t wait to visit here.

Thanks, Neha. Bali is extraordinary.

Hot Springs au naturelle! that is the way to go 🙂 I would carry a scarf for that purpose too. I have yet to get to Bali, but how to in the near future as it is such a beautiful looking place. I can handle the crazy driving as it is everywhere in the world 🙂

So true, Janine. Crazy drivers in LA too!

I’m sure you can’t get any closer to nature than a nudie dip in a natural hot spring! And it’s just one more reason to carry a scarf whenever you travel, right?!
I totally agree with your description of the manic driving in Bali too – it’s amazing that there are not more accidents!

Ha ha. It’s like a dangerous game of frogger, but they survive.

Who doesn’t want to do a nudie dip in a natural hot spring. I love a good travel scarf. So multipurpose for these kind of adventures. Simply stunning photos of Bali. Makes me reconsider my personal Bali ban

Yes, reconsider Bali. I had a similar feeling before I went. Was glad to be totally wrong about the place.

We went to Bali two years ago but had no clue about the hot springs … never went there! Well, the driving description doesn’t amaze me… that’s how people drive in the whole of South East Asia, including India. Thanks for sharing… I will now add this to my must see list in Bali!

Hi Sonia. Thanks for your comment!

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