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looks so beautiful


Such a unique way to see Iceland! We definitely have to consider it for our future trip!

This is so awesome! I’ve been to Iceland but never in a helicopter. Well, I’ve also never been in a helicopter but aerial views are my favorite! Plus, Iceland is such a unique landscape so this kind of excursion is perfect!

Helicopter tours are amazing and Iceland has to be one of the best places to try that because of the abundance of natural beauty that they have. Loved the photos and definitely something I would love to try when i’m there.

Wow, these really are some spectacular shots. Iceland is a peerlessly beautiful country even from the ground but from such a height, it really must go to new levels. Some of your shots stretch for miles and it is quite incredible how far you can see. Very enjoyable

Oh, you’ve got me real tempted! I’m supposed to be going to Iceland next month, so will try and squeeze in some copters!

Helicopter ride and a short hike to view different angles of the volcano. What an experience! Great timing, with just a little snow to really see the volcano.

Those views are stunning! I’ve never been in a helicopter but have always wanted to try it. It looks like it’s totally worth it to get to see Reykjavik from above!

Wow this looks AMAZING! I went to Iceland in April and am still dreaming about it. I love how dramatic the landscapes are there, and wow it must have been incredible to see them from an aerial perspective.

Flightseeing is one of my favourite things to do while travelling, especially when you’re visiting a place as beautiful as this. Iceland has such an ethereal beauty. Your photos from the sky are terrific.

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