Biograph marquee, Chicago, Illinois
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Wow! What a great day in Chicago! That pasta in the window….holy cow. My favorite thing to do in the city is to catch an improv show at Second City.

Thanks for the share! Now you have me wanting to pay Chicago another visit. You also have me hungry for pizza.

xx Hailey

Thanks for reading, Hailey. P.S. I’m always hungry for deep dish pizza!

Eataly looks so interesting! How does it work? Is the pasta already cooked and you just choose your favorite?

Chicago is the last big city in the US I haven’t seen, so I’m definitely going to use this guide when I go!

You can buy groceries or head up to the restaurant area and order off a menu.

I would avoid Eataly only because for me it’s not a huge chain and not really gonna give me the soul of the city. We can’t wait to go to Chicago to visit around thought!

Yeah, there’s tons of unique food to try in Chicago.

I am a pizza fan but sadly Uno still doesn’t have a presence
in my country India. I too like the same combo – mozzarella tomato deep dish.
Sometimes, it is a good idea to stick to the classic. I love pastas too and the
picture of spinach tagliatelle had me craving.

Yum 🙂

Eataly sounds amazing! I’ve never been to Chicago (except for the airport!) but I’d love to go. This sounds like a great day there!

Thanks for reading, Sonja!

Chicago was our first trip together as a couple and a place we started to fall in love. So it’s near and dear to our hearts. Our most romantic memories are of Navy Pier and taking cruises on the lake.

Oh cool. I’d love to do a lake cruise.

I have never been to Chicago but it is one of the cities I am loving to visit the most. Thanks for the tips. P.s. I love Hyatt hotels and the Magnificent Mile seems like a place I would love.

Thanks for reading!

If ever I would visit Chicago, I would be looking for deep-dish pizza right away. Chicago is synonymous to a lot of Italian restaurants to me. I am also interested in watching different artists perform at the Lincoln Hall. I am sure that the music would be awesome.

I miss Uno’s Pizza, like every week of my life!

If I ever go to the US (hopefully sooner rather than later!), Chicago will definitely be on my list! I love the fact that you can walk to most places if you’re not too far away from the centre, it makes things so much easier. Thanks for all the suggestions, the Italian deli sounds amazing!

You’re welcome, Vicky. Thanks for reading!

Chicago is relatively more expensive than most places in the US for sure, but it sure looks lovely. I have a thing for pizzas and If I ever go there, I would love to try pizza!

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