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Hi Jessica,

Super interview with Brandon! I appreciate his story because me and my wife wife have been digital nomads for 4 years now. We’re full time, professional bloggers who make our living while traveling all over the world. Ditto on his points; we always do our visa work beforehand so we so that yep, in most countries, you’ll need to get your visa game in order before visiting. In places like Thailand you get the month. Here in Bali, you pay 35 USD for a visa on arrival. In Fiji, you get 4 months as US citizen but in Vietnam, it’s a process you need to get done beforehand to get your 3 months, as it’s a process in places like India.

We love the freeing nature of this life and take it over the sometimes headaches and heartache you experience on the road. I’d rather blog from paradise 😉

Inspired blog Jessica! Keep up the great work.

Tweeting and Pinning from Bali.


Hi Ryan. Thanks for the kind words. I envy you nomads — I still have a home base. Good info on those visas! And Bali… wow!

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