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This is so useful. As someone who is terrible with navigation I thank you a thousand times over for this guide!!

it is good you have given details about taking cash. Generally I carry cards. Metro information is useful because in big cities I usually travel by Metro. Also you have narrated that Narita Airport is busy and we should go before sometime which is also useful for first timers.

Thanks for reading, Amit!

It sounds like a super complex system, but these tips are great. It’s weird that you’ve mentioned only accepting cards with a pin – don’t they all have that? I’ll definitely keep these tips for when I head to Japan.

Not sure if things have changed in the past few years since I was in Tokyo.

This information is vital for anyone coming here. It can be big and scary, but your info is clear and concise. I had no idea about the cash so will definitely do this next time I’m there. I hope I don’t get lost!

Thanks for reading, guys.

thanks for the tip about the metro! I hate and love that transportation is different in every city but in a place as metropolitan as Tokyo that can definitely be intimidating at first. I always hate standing at the ticket booth not knowing what to do

It’s a bit nerve-wracking, but Japanese people are incredibly patient and kind.

First of all, I just love the title for this post! All of your tips are awesome and I’ve book marked this for an upcoming trip. I always carry a map of the places I visit because I’ve found that it’s more comforting for me. It’s also fun for me to figure out new transportation systems. There’s an awesome form of accomplishment when I can navigate myself to and from somewhere new!

Glad this was helpful! Happy travels, Rachelle.

Thank you for the tips. These are very helpful for someone who is going the first time. Your post also shows that people are pretty helpful there. I will use these tips on my travel.

Yes, Tokyo is great. Thanks for reading, Monica!

Thank you for these tips! I haven’t been to Tokyo yet, but it is definitely on my list. While it is not convenient, I kind of love that many restaurants require cash. Definitely helps keep you in a budget. Also, love your tips for the metro! So helpful!

That’s true. Keeps you on a budget and Tokyo is expensive!

This was some really useful information. Certainly, Tokyo can be a little overwhelming for the first time visitor and the underground, while well signposted for tourists, is so busy it can become manic. That being said, like you mentioned, the locals are so polite and always willing to help, if their English (or indeed, your Japanese) will permit it

Glad it was useful, Gareth!

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