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Mount Batur looks amazing! I love seeing your photos from your adventures. The tofu and veges look delicious. I’d never considered Bali to be much of a foodie haven.

What incredible views! And that restaurant certainly is a great spot for a bite to eat. I could spend hours there grazing just gazing at Mount Batur!

Woah!! A live volcano! I loved the way you describe the mountains and the scenery. Your photographs are just incredibly great. Can’t wait to visit Bali and experience the thrill to be near volcano.

What a gorgeous view! Last time when we were in Bali, we didn’t make it to Mt. Batur – now I greatly regretted it. It is definitely a must see! And the restaurant is a delightful place to view it!

We’ve been to the same restaurant! You’re so right about the how gorgeous the view is and how it deserves exaggerated descriptions. Mt Batur is an amazing sight.

I so want to get to Bali someday. Everytime I see posts like this I go into wanderlust overload to head there. The mountains, food, snorkeling, culture, it all just is so inviting. I too would love a vegetarian meal here. The meals you were served here look delish.

Your photos are simply gorgeous. It’s so surprising how an active volcano can be so green and lush. I always picture them to look like the ones on the Big Island – brown, dry, and brittle. Grand Puncak Sari Restaurant looks like the perfect spot.

The volcanic ash makes the soil so fertile that when it rains, everything gets bright green. Pretty cool. Thanks for reading, Debra!

Beautiful pictures! I’m heading to Bali in April and I know I have to do the morning hike at Mt Batur even more now!

Yes, I haven’t done the hike yet! Hope you enjoy it, Isabel.

I literally just got off the plane from Bali this morning but I will be back in August. I have looked at getting to Mt Batur a few times but never quite made it. Next time for sure!

Oh cool. What’d you do in Bali?

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