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For tropical weather, I normally pack shorts, printed tops (I love love prints but I agree that they are sometimes hard to mix and match), flip flops and cute sneakers. I absolute love sketchers, too. Just bought a pair two weeks ago 😀

Yeah, I can’t stay away from prints. I usually bring a few printed dresses for photos.

I loved the black and white stuff that you have..its goes pretty much with every season! And those red shoes…awww…so stunning! I love to carry sneakers regardless of the season…they make every walk so comfortable.

Yes to sneakers! I just don’t want mine to look like sneakers when I’m walking down a city street, thus the Skechers recommendation. Boots also do the trick.

I have been one of those who overpacks and packing uncomfortable shoes. I have learned over the years to slim down outfits and pack items that work together in multiple ways. I will get it right eventually. Thanks for the tips.

It’s liberating, no?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, your photography skills are second to none! Beyond that however, as a dude, I can’t say I can follow too many of the tips mentioned in your posts but I have passed them onto my girlfriend who, on the road as much as I am, often complains that she doesn’t get to feel as glamourous as she might

Thank you, Gareth! That’s awesome.

Excellent guide! I think my problem is that I don’t have enough of the basics to build the rest of the wardrobe on, which means I always end up overpacking. When living in Fiji, I pretty much lived in my athleisurewear all the time because of the heat and I haven’t updated the wardrobe since returning…!

Building a wardrobe with the basics is harder than it looks, especially for multiple seasons (and for me, different weights!).

Indeed! I started buying some grey pieces for travel thinking I could put them with anything but grey is really not my colour! Makes me look so washed out.

This post couldn’t have been more timely for me! I just booked a trip for Taiwan and I challenged myself to be more minimalistic by NOT pre-booking my baggage allowance. Usually, when I book my fares, I automatically add 20KG baggage allowance. But this time, since it will only be a 3-day trip, I thought I’d dare myself to pack light. And I agree with you: going monochromatic is the way to go! That way, I could easily repeat outfits and no one will ever know. You are right, don’t be afraid to wear something twice! No one will care anyway. I am bookmarking this post so I can look back on your hot weather packing list!

Oooh, Taiwan. Sounds amazing! Bring a scarf for your hair because it’s pretty humid there.

Great tips! And you have some beautiful outfits. After traveling for 4 years I got lazy with style. I should really follow your tips and up my game again!

I know. Some days I don’t dress up at all and that’s nice too.

Those are some great trips. You have a lovely collection for your wardrobe. Love the leopard print loafers. Love the white coat.

I’m still wearing those loafers. Pretty comfy.

This is such a handy guide, Jessica! I love that you included a checklist too so it makes it easier to track things when packing.

Jessica |

Glad to help. Thanks for reading, Jess!

Fashion is not my strong suit, so any tips (especially for travelers) are always greatly appreciated! Such an easy list and super helpful for the future!

Terrific article, printed and saved – thanks ever so much!

uh… WOW!! 🙂 So amazing!! finalist and winner? Gonna look good on my trip in Aug lol but no really, up to you 😀 thank you either way!!

Hi this may be a stupid question but regarding what you said about shoes, what are considered synthetic materials? The only shoe material I can think of is pleather.

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