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Picture perfect Picton – water side quaint towns are just splendid and add to that the natural beauty of NZ and it’s mesmerizing. Loved the photographs especially of the sunset with that beautiful sky.

What a beautiful location Picton is. And as usual your pictures are superb! I have friends in New Zealand and I’ve been threatening to go for a few years now. I’m going to try and make it happen! Next year is my goal!

Picton is so picturesque. Have never been to NZ but road trip in NZ is definitely on our top 10 list of places to visit. Some amazing captures.

The lunch at Cortado looks delicious and the beer looks very refreshing! You captured Picton magically with your camera. My favourite picture is the one of the flowers with the garden blur in the background, I love low aperture pictures.

This is super pretty, like you I normally picture port towns being ugly and a lot of containers. I love the sunset shots! The colours are so vibrant in your pictures.

I just got back from NZ and I am sad I missed out on Picton! I am so hungry after seeing your lunch of salmon and asparagus. The portside park is gorgeous – I love parks that are full of lush greenery and flowers. I hope to go back to NZ someday.

So great that you went to NZ though!

Picton looks like a gorgeous place to visit in NZ! All of your photos do such an amazing job of capturing all of the beautiful colours and scenery. My favourite shot is definitely the sunset one with the harbour behind the palmtrees!

Thank you, Jackie!

We’re heading to New Zealand next month. Picton looks like a nice place to stop along the way when we go from the north to south island. The food at Cortado Restaurant looks delicious and the landscape looks amazing. Hopefully we’ll get to check it out!

Cool. Have a great trip, Ling!

So happy to have stumbled upon this!!! I’m going to New Zealand in April and have done barely any research… I see you have quite a few posts on NZ so I’m going to go explore those next! I don’t have Picton on my list but it looks beautiful 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

You can’t go wrong with any destination in NZ. Happy travels, Christie!

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