Man hiking in mountains wearing WantDo jacket
Branded video for WantDo apparel
Norway thumb dancing
These two are not your tour guides. Jessica Peterson and Marianela Per
AKA Bonni thumb
Commercial testimonials produced for American Kratom Association
Screen Shot 2020-07-08 at 6.27.46 PM
I produced, directed, and shot this short documentary for 60 Second Do
Saona Island, Dominican Republic
Branded video, blog, and social content for Barcelo Hotels in Dominica
Host Jessica Peterson travels through Cairns, Australia
What does the Land of Fire and Ice sound like? Listen.
“American Soil, Chamorro Soul” reveals what modern Chamorro cultur
Guam: Off the Beaten Path
Jessica Peterson explores the cultural and natural side of a tourist-h
Niagara Falls by Global Girl Travels
This film has been featured on Fubiz, Outside Magazine, Vimeo’s
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