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Thank you for sharing can’t wait to visit this beach. I am a new resident of Guam have only been here for seven months and I am looking for adventures and things to do on Guam. I will be taking a staycation here on Guam becasue my trip to the Philippines had to be canceled because of the super typhoon. I feel so bad for all the people in the Philippines : (

Well Guam is never a place that has appeared on my travel radar, but now I have looked it up and am thinking about how I can fit it in.
Your photos really capture the essence of the place and it looks very secluded (maybe it wasn’t and you just waited for hoards of people to get out of the way before you took the pics, but I suspect not).
You seem to have lived a very interesting life and I will come back to the site when I have more time and have a better look around 🙂

A secluded beach has always been my favorite and it’s so awesome that you live there!

The black and white photographies really captured the beauty of this place ❤️

Gorgeous black photos and it looks so romantic and fascinating at the same time. The trek sounds wonderful and I’m sure when the end result is so pretty it makes it all the more special. Your snorkelling experience reads really well. Loved how well you described everything.

Nice to look at those tropical photos on a freezing UK winter evening. Definitely a good place to relax and unwind. Trekking with the sun in your face and the wind in your hair makes the adventure worthwhile and priceless.

I love going to places that I really do feel like a cast away. This beach looks absolutely stunning. It reminds me of a beach I visited in Vietnam which was so secluded and isolated.
I haven’t really thought about visiting Guam but now it is on my list. Thank you 🙂

What a beautiful place and I totally get the Castaway vibe! It’s so nice to be totally away from everything and to have the clear waters and beautiful surrounds to yourself. I love the mushroom-shaped outcrops too! If I was going to play castaway, I’d hope that I’d have a McGyver type with me too!

Uninhabited coves and islands sometimes tell the best stories as they are secluded without anyone in your way. The photos are hauntingly beautiful making Guam just seem like such a beautiful place off many a radar. I could see myself yelling “Wilson” here 🙂

Ha ha. Yes, you could yell “Wilson” and no one would know!

I love this remote beach and your photos look really stunning (especially the black and white ones)! I can’t stand crowded beaches so Guam should be a great option 🙂

Thanks for reading!

It’s incredible that this beautiful part of Guam is so secluded – how nice to be able to have the place to yourself. And oh my goodness, the snorkelling sounds so good!! I would be afraid to see sharks (given this place’s name) but amazing that not one is in site. But what an awesome experience you had in Palau snorkelling with sharks.

Hi Soraya. Fortunately, reef sharks in this area aren’t too big, but yes, you gotta be careful.

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