Sedona, Arizona
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Absolutely gorgeous photos!

Thanks, Danielle!

What wonderful pictures! The red rocks do look otherworldly, and almost part of a lunar landscape, a bit like Caopadocia in Turkey. Totally agree with what you say about nature too – it’s restorative powers are wonderful 🙂

Thanks, Joseph. I’d love to go to Cappadocia!

This looks beautiful! And I can definitely imagine how incredible it must be to experience the lights during a sunset or sunrise here.

Thank you!

Really great photos! I think you manage to capture the essence of the place. As you, I’m a city person, but more and more enjoy the simplify and beauty of places like this one. Good tip about going at sunrise or sunset to catch the brightest colors.

I love Sedona, especially in the spring when the cactus are in bloom! Agreen there is something about nature that gives back and refreshes the soul!

This is immense, and so majestic. You’re completely right: somehow only nature gives back, and when you’re over 20, you don’t feel the same towards it. I just feel more connected to Mother Nature now, than before, when I fell in love with huge cities such as NYC or LA. For me, it’s completely different, and I can definitely imagine how incredible this experience must have been, and the lights through sunsets and sunrise has to be just magical! x

wow, you have managed to capture some magical shots here. Love the feel of Sedona and I am sure it must be incredible during sunset and sunrise.

Whats the nearest gas station in this road? Just wondering

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