The Number 1 Secret of Successful Bloggers
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Great post – I agree that having a VA can make life so much better as a blogger! I had one temporarily, but it didn’t work out. I decided to double down and learn how to be a better manager first, before hiring someone else 🙂

Thanks, Valerie. That’s a great point. Managing a contractor isn’t always easy. Communication and organization are key.

This was super helpful… the minute I can afford a VA to do more for me I will have that be the case!! It must make life much more manageable!!

Glad to help, Ruthie!

Extremely useful information. I am actually looking to crack into the virtual assistant realm and it is always nice to know what bloggers other than myself are looking for. This was definitely a gem that I will share among my social media.

Oh cool. I hope it works out for you. Thanks for sharing.

Great post! I recently just looking into becoming a VA myself, so this is helpful both as a blogger and as someone looking to potentially grow as Virtual Assistant. Thanks for linking up!!

Awesome, Melanie. Thanks for reading!

This was extremely helpful! I’m actually considering getting a VA. It’s just hard entrusting someone else with my blog and believing they will do it well but the help is needed.

Hi Oyinkan. Sometimes a VA is just an extension of you, but if you need someone more skilled than you, that’s where the interview process is so important.

I cannot wait till the day I need to hire someone out! Just started my travel, fitness and parenting blog about three weeks ago. Looking forward to reading more on your site, its gorgeous!

Thanks so much for reading and congrats on your new blog!

VA’s are a very good thing to have. Being able to let go of the controls to trust one enough is something that takes times ..and yes i am speaking from personal experience. I had a VA who was brilliant, posting to one of my social media accounts for me ..and then I realised that I didn’t understand the platform enough myself. So my advice is to know the platform inside out, BEFORE you hand over aspects to a VA. Now I am confident in know knowledge base, and confident enough to employ a VA, and am going to be employing more shortly.

I’ve found it to be a mutual learning experience with my new VA, who has experience working for other bloggers. On the flip side, I’ve sometimes hired assistants who I trained from scratch.

Great post. I do wonder how people find the time….

Thanks, Lydia. I wondered the same thing then I realized that most bloggers just never talk about their VAs.

Great information. We haven’t quite gotten to that point yet, but it is something we have started thinking about. Thanks for linking up with #wkendtravelinspiration!

Glad to help, Jim.

I have never even thought about this! I feel like this blog I am building is my baby and I want to make it on my own. If I am in the same spot as now in a year, I will definitely think about getting an assistant to help out. I am actually becoming someones virtual assistant in a week so hopefully I’ll learn some useful tips to use in my own blog too! Great post, thanks for sharing!

Thanks for reading and congrats on becoming a VA. I’m sure you’ll learn a lot!

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