Tianmen Mountain National Park, Zhangjiajie, China
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very beautifuls photos !


LOVE LOVE LOVE your pictures! The world’s longest mountain cableway ? damn weren’t you a little scared?

your pictures are just so crisp!!!! really LOVE them!! you have a great eye for details 🙂

Wow! What amazing sights! My husband rides a motorcycle so of course the photo of the incredibly curvy road sticks out to us!! I wonder if you could rent a motorcycle to experience that ride?

Wonderful. It’s real nice to learn something new happening in China every other day. I’ve been reading about the glass bottom pathway for a while not and the mountains look spectacular. It’s good to see people head out of the main cities and explore countries.

wow I really like your pictures!! I am a little afraid of hights so I wonder if I could go on this cableway but the view looks like it is more than worth it!

Zhangjiajie looks magnificent! There is a guided tour here right? There are so much to see. The rock formations look breathtaking!

And to think I had never heard of this before! Your pictures are totally stunning and really make me want to visit. I hope to get to China one day!

Simply amazing pictures once again..I have been following your post for sometime now..and I have to say your photography is excellent. Didn’t know about this beautiful part of China

Wow this looks amazing! The photography is stunning as always! I think my fear of heights would not do me any good there ha! And it’s a shame I missed the giveaway!

Wow such gorgeous photos – China is definitely somewhere I’d love to visit x

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