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Laos is one of my dream destinations right now – it seems to have the perfect mix of culture and outdoors! The food you’ve photographed looks incredible, and I love the look of Buddha Park! It looks kind of surreal but at the same time super interesting and quirky.

Laos looks incredible, would love to visit, especially to see the temples! So much culture and history too. Vang Vieng looks gorgeous and I would love to dive right in to the Blue Lagoon. I know my husband would be straight into the cave adventure!

Vang Vieng… woahhhhhh!! It’s stunning. I haven’t been able to travel around Laos or the surrounding area yet, but it’s been on my list for a few years now!! I’d love to do a bit of temple hopping while there too!

Ohh I loved Laos, especially Vang Vieng! Such an amazing place. We had some delicious tea and were floating down the river… pure paradise. WIsh I had known about the Blue Lagoon Swimming place before!
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It looks absolutely wonderful there in Laos. The blue lagoon swimming hole looks like the perfect place to chill for the day. I would definitely do the cave hike, thats like two of my favorite things in one 😛

Laos looks like an absolutely beautiful country! I’ll be travelling there next year, as part of my Asia trip! The blue swimming hole looks too amazing to be real, its so blue! Vang Vieng also looks gorgeous, you could spend at least a month travelling Laos! Definitely adding all these places to my trip plan!

I haven’t been to Laos yet. I skipped it as I wrongly thought all there was in Laos was tubing (this was quite a few years ago). I am now kicking my younger, inexperience travelling self as there is so much to do.
The Buddha Park looks amazing. There was something similar in Myanmar with over 1000 statues!
I really need to get to Laos soon and make up for the mistakes I made by not visiting 8 years ago.

I think I will spend most of my time easting…I love the food in South East Asia…I do hope that they have good vegetarian food! The blue lagoon looks stunning..especially on a hote summer afternoon. And another place that I would want to visit is the Bhuddha park…moved the Buddha structures in Thailand and Myanmar…am sure I will love them here too!

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