7 things to do in singapore
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Love this list! I have to say that I haven’t been to most of what’s in the list (except maybe for the National Orchid Garden) and I have been to Singapore twice! Lol. I feel so behind now!

I’d love to try the Banana Leaf! 🙂

Love this list. People always tout Singapore as such a clean and boring place but I love it. I loved exploring Little India and the Zoo. Though you’re photos are so much better then mine

What a colorful and diverse city! I had no idea. Little India looks absolutely gorgeous and the food sounds great (of course). I would definiitely need to goto the botanic gardens — they are always one of my favorite spots anywhere I go. Love that they are free. This whole list makes me want to go to Singapore right now.

I have been to Singapore several times and I never new Little India existed. I guess it’s a 24 hour place because it gets so hot during the day, I’ll check out Little India on my next visit. The Mojitos and fish tacos are a little random for the Arab Quarter. I’ve only heard of good things about the zoo, great picture of the monkey, the baby is posing for the camera!

I have seen so many travel bloggers and vloggers go to Singapore over the last two years. I never considered it but have recently started to appreciate it as a great destination. However apart from the botanic gardens, I wasn’t sure what I would actually do in Singapore. You just answered that questionwa

I loved Singapore when I visited there. I spent quite a bit of time in China tower and loved going to eat in all the markets where the food was so good and so cheap. I never made it to the zoo or the botanical gardens but I did visit Marina Bay Sands and the Gardens by the Bay. I also saw the 2 light shows which were amazing 🙂

I loved Singapore when I was last there about four years ago. We did the night adventure at the zoo which was pretty cool. And yes yes yes to Orchard Rd! The Hubs dragged me (and my credits cards!) out of there as soon as he was able lol

Singapore has been on my list for some time – particularly to visit the hotel that lets you swim to the ledge. The idea of doing some shopping on Orchard road sounds really neat and I would be saving my pennies just to get a chance to explore. Little India looks like such a colourful replica of India itself! Great post to inspire me to head on over 🙂

You seem to have listed the best of Singapore, varied cultures, varied experiences and all a must visit for each traveller.

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