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Awesome short Jessica! Great subject, great filmmaking 👍

Thanks so much, guys!

Living in SoCal, Compton is NOT a place that you’d want to visit. It is great that there are programs like this to help kids escape the poverty, crime, and drugs that may seem to be the norm to an outsider’s view. I’m sure there are a great number of impressive and talented children just waiting for a great opportunity like this to showcase their skills. Kudos to you for highlighting their progress! – Lee

It was my privilege to work with these kids.

Wow how awesome! I have always wanted to do something like this but it does need a huge amount of skill and hard work! Awesome way to showcase some great talent!

Thanks for watching, Carlinn!

This is really cool. You must have some serious talent. Well done again for this. The shots are awesome I can see why they used you

Thank you, Tasha!

I watched the video. I liked it. It was short but I was able to get to know the background of Shola. Great job! You know how to create a really good content.
Shola is a hardworking and passionate person. I love her personality. She is determined to succeed. I like that she is in a community wherein they help the other kids to do this sport too. She mentioned that you cannot have a bad attitude when you ride a horse. She is young but knows how to deal with life already.

Thanks so much, Marissa.

I always watch Great Big Story videos on YouTube! Loved watching and hearing about Shola’s story. Compton is the last place I would expect a riding school to be, I wish Shola and the rest of Compton Jr. Posse great success!

Thanks, Kim!

This is really awesome. I haven’t heard of Great Big Story before but I just googled it and they all look so great and inspiring. This one especially sounds interesting to me so I’ll definitely watch it after work today! Thanks for sharing

Thanks for watching, Christie.

What a mind blowing video. You are very talented and I totally understand why they chose you. Super girl. You are amazing

So glad you liked it! Thanks, Monica.

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