How to Tour Fethiye, Turkey

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Jessica Peterson

Fethiye, Turkey Tours

Many people head for the Turquoise Coast of Turkey, using Fethiye as their base simply to enjoy the wonderful climate. It’s a place to relax, swim, and get a guaranteed suntan. Fethiye tours are best experienced with the help of experienced guides.

History and Culture

Fethiye itself has some reminders of the Lycian civilization that occupied this land in the days before Christ. There is also the abandoned settlement of Kayakoy which has been left since the Greeks departed in the early 1920s at the formation of the modern Turkish Republic. However, one of the real gems in Turkey is Ephesus which was an important city and port in antiquity. Ephesus is near Selcuk on the way up towards Izmir on Turkey’s west coast.

Day trips are the way to go. Transport is in air conditioned vehicles and the countryside is worth seeing before the real highlight of the day.


Some people stick to watersports on the coast but a jeep safari offers extra variety. There are forests and mountains just behind Fethiye to explore as well as the stunning canyon at Saklikent, the beach at Patara, and the ruins at Tlos. You may not see wild animals as you would on an African safari (though wild boar is a possibility) but you are certain to have plenty of fun.

Fethiye, Turkey Tours


Pamukkale is some way inland, where travertine steps were formed by hot springs.  This is a protected area now but there is still the opportunity to go into some of the small pools and to marvel at how deposits from the water have created what is seemingly a ‘’cotton castle,’’ the translation of Pamukkale into English.

12 Islands Tour combines a little of everything — uninhabited islands, a chance to swim, and a sumptuous lunch. It is a relaxing day, and although popular with tourists, there is plenty of room for everyone.

Butterfly Valley is just a few miles away from Fethiye, best accessed from the sea on an Alaturka boat. You’ll get to see a green canyon with waterfalls and streams. It is a nature lovers’ paradise with many butterfly species in the summer.

Turkey has much to offer and certainly in the South West there is plenty to see and do by day before enjoying the evening entertainment and the fine cuisine.

Fethiye, Turkey Tours

Have you been to Turkey? Is it on your bucket list?

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  1. Dannielle | While I'm Young
    March 30, 2017 at 5:06 am

    My stepdad is Turkish and I always turned down the chance to visit Fetiye when I was younger, preferring to stick to the areas with more nightlife. Now I know I need to fit it into my next trip!

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