Sydney Opera House, Australia
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Don’t forget t mention the green bus is free.

Thanks, Jene!

Sydney is one of my favourite city. So comprehensive and perfect guide for Sydney. The architecture at state theatre is so fascinating. The beach and deep blue water looks so captivating. Great pictures.

Really love your photos! I see from your photos not a touristy Sydney as often depicted in tourism promotion materials, but a very unique city with a lively culture. I used to live in Australia for 5 months and never bothered venturing to Sydney. Now you’re making me feel regretful 🙂

I actually live in Sydney, and its pretty embarrassing as I haven’t done all of these things! I also highly recommend visiting Darling Harbour on Sunday evening for fireworks and taking a trip to the Blue Mountains on a Sunday for cheap travel day!

A great post about the highlights of Sydney. I didn’t see the Chinese Fishermen, I would have loved to have seen them. I did however do the walk from Bondi Beach.

Wow I’m dying to go back and visit Sydney. I feel like I missed out on some stuff. I really loved the harbour and Opera house which was stunning. One day soon I’ll be back though

Love this! My sister lives in Sydney and I can’t wait to go back to visit her. I like the bars in the Rocks area under the bridge. This is even where she got married and I love the photos of us here!

I’m from Sydney and feel pretty pleased that I have done all the sights you mention above, though I definitely need to hit up some of the restaurants you mentioned, Mushroom Gnochi sounds divine. Your photos are absolutely stunning also.

We’re hoping to head to Sydney at the end of the year so this guise is really helpful! The food looks amazing and oh that lobster!

Seems like you had an amazing time in Sydney! I do agree, it’s not a cheap destination and I can also say that living here is a tad bit expensive too. The salary is good though and gets me alot further than living in London did. I havent been to these restaurants yet, but I might check some out on the weekend! Thanks for sharing!

I’m hoping to go to Australia (including Sydney) this April, so I’ll definitely make a note of these! The Bondi to Coogee walk sound and look gorgeous, I’ll add it to my list. I do agree that it’s not a cheap place, though – even hostels are so much more expensive than other countries I was looking at!

I am hungry looking at the food pictures…
how much should I budget for a one week trip? How expensive is the city?

Hi Sonia. Sydney is pretty expensive by international standards. I stayed in an Airbnb to save a bit on accommodations. Depending on your activities (tours & entertainment) and how well you like to eat, I would budget about $1,800 for a week (food, transportation, accommodations).

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