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I love your title picture and the layout of your article. It’s so easy to read and get right to your salient points. We were in Shanghai for a layover on the way back from Thailand and man, they really take their rules and authority seriously there. It seemed like all of the usual airport warnings were followed by threats of punishment. If they take that kind of draconian approach at the airport, I couldn’t imagine any criminal activity in the city what so ever. Good to hear a girl can walk New Gotham in peace.

Personally I cannot wait to visit Shanghai! I’ll be travelling 6 months throughout Asia in 2018, and this is definitely on my list! Your pictures of Shanghai’s skyline are breathtaking! I’ll also be checking out your accommodation recommendations too! I love using Airbnb, so that is a viable option, but wouldn’t say no to a top luxury hotel either 😛

I really want to visit Shanghai but I am worried that I will find it too busy and public transport would be a maze. I am really happy to read your post that it is great for walking around. This is how I prefer to see a city.
I love your photos. Looks like a very photogenic city!

Wow! You’ve sold Shanghai to me, and with the pictures of the all wonderful lit up buildings I’m not surprised it has been described as the Paris of the East. I’d definitely head to Xintiandi for the narrow streets and people watching. I also love a city that you can get to know by walking around! 🙂

This is perfect timing to find your post, as I’ll be in Shanghai on a layover soon. It definitely sounds like a vibrant city and I can’t wait to check out The Bund with it’s neon skyscrapers! Your pictures are really stunning!

Cool, I hope you get out and explore during your layover!

I adored Shanghai when I visited a few years ago, there was so much going on. Absolutely stunning photos, you make Shanghai look so stylish. Now I’m dying to visit again, although I admittedly I already wanted to especially since the new Disneyland opened recently!

Thanks, Anastasia. What’s your favorite spot in Shanghai?

Love your photography. Captures the vibe perfectly. I have not been to Shanghai before, but from the photos it certainly doesn’t feel like the most populated city in the world. I love the style thats going on there, I would probably shop until I’m poor haha!

OMG, the shopping!

How elegant and sophisticated this is. I would love to just walk around and discover more. I love window shopping and this place just gives me enough opportunity to do so.

Best fashion ever!

I love your photos! I’m going back to Shanghai in a month so glad I came upon your post for some inspiration before my trip 🙂 That hello kitty backpack is what I really need tho 😉

Ha ha. Isn’t it cute? Have fun in Shanghai!

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