Walter Mitty Was Here! Grundarfjörður, Iceland (PHOTOS)

Jessica Peterson

Walter Mitty Was here! Gundrarfjordur, Iceland

No wonder Ben Stiller bicycled through this peninsular town in Walter Mitty.

With a population of only 826, Grundarfjörður oozes with small town charm, stunning natural sites, and friendly people. Photographers flock here for the twin sites of Kirkjufell mountain and Kirkjufellsfoss waterfall. Bring a wide angle lens to line them up at Golden Hour. The cylindrical mountain is featured in Jules Vernes’ “Journey to the Center of the Earth” and is the foundation of Icelandic mysticism. The falls are double-tiered and empty into a river. You can walk to the top of the falls and across on a bridge where you’ll likely see horses grazing. Mist-covered mountains complete the scene for what I consider one of the most serene spots in Iceland.

 Kirjufells-mt-waterfall-red-coat-V3Kirjufells-mt-waterfall-inside-HKirjufells-mt-waterfall-red-coat-V4 Kirjufell-waterfall-V Kirkjulfells Mountain, Grundarfjördur, IcelandFishing-Dock-H Fisherman-dock-V  Graffiti-bldg-V1 Grundarfjordur-bikes-H

I filmed a group of school kids on a hike. These are stills from my upcoming Iceland travel film.

 little girl at grundarfjordur, iceland jessica peterson in grundarfjordur, iceland little girl at grundarfjordur, iceland

Has “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” inspired you to go to Iceland?

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