Kuku Campers, Iceland
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This sounds AMAZING. (And I chuckled at the use of “glamping” haha). I’d love to go on a van trip. All the movies about it seem so fun too haha. I loved reading about this!
xx, Pia


Thanks, Pia. Can be a blast… with the right people, of course!

Hi i am doing the ring road in a similar motorhome. How did you fill up water? Used a container or something to fill up? Was it easy to dispose of waste? and lastly was there any part of the ring road you should have avoided as it was dangerous?

Thanks alot :))


Hi Chris. The water tank was under one of the seats in our van, so we used a hose to fill it up through the window. The waste container can be emptied at any campgrounds. We were fine on the Ring Road even in windy (not Hurricane-force) weather, but some of the the interior roads were closed while we were there so we didn’t get to go to Landmannalaugar. We didn’t get as far as the east or north parts of the Ring Road. Otherwise, I recommend Iceland in the winter!

Amazing guide! I am really happy that i’ve found It. Looks like Iceland is nearly perfect for having a campervan roadtrip with family.

I love campervans. We did a three week trip around British Columbia and The Rocky Mountains in Alberta. It was fantastic. I’d love to do a trip in one around Iceland.

hi, did you have trouble finding campsites that are open in early May? I’m heading to iceland in the same period and i read that majority dont open till June so I’m a little worried!

nice informative blog btw!

I’m not exactly sure when you went, but I believe they don’t prefer parking in roads now – isn’t it true that official campsites must be used? I’m wondering if you think that a campervan would STILL be the way to feel that majesty over a hotel/b&b even if you can’t just park wherever? Thank you!!

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