Pagat Caves, Guam
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Those caves look unreal. They’re amazing. I hope I can go cave-hiking one day!
xx, Pia

Those caves look amazing and surreal. Was it a hard hike? I have a tendency to not look where I am going when I am shooting too. That must have hurt.

Hi Soumya. The hike isn’t too hard if you’re fit, but it’s a lot of up and down and it’s hot in Guam!

These caves are amazing!!! I’d love to go swimming in there. We’ve been thinking about upgrading our NEX5R to the A7 for the longest time but can’t bring ourselves to dropping the dough haha, the quality is incredible!!!

Looks like a really strenguous hike but the views are worth it! Lovely

Wow, that must have been such an amazing experience. Those caves are spectacular. Your photos are great. You really captured the moment…makes me wanna go cave-hiking too 🙂

These photos are great. I too just bought a Sony mirrorless camera- A6000. LOVE IT!! These caves looked like a lot of fun to explore.

Your stunning photos make us want to go back to Guam. We’ve haven’t been in several years, and we didn’t see the Pagat caves when we did visit. Is there any safe place to do some cliff jumping?

Woah that looks like one amazing trek. The experience of hiking through the dense jungles to be finally rewarded with those stunning vistas of blue waters and the jagged cliffs is unbeatable. Glad you finally made to it after 6 years 😉

It seems you will have a great relationship with Sony, the photos are awesome! You make me think I need a new camera too… 🙂 I hope your leg is fine by now.

Hmm, maybe you’re right: I wonder too if you have so many days like this one all the time, then would it take away from them? I think they’d still be special! And if not, then that’ll just push you to do even more things that you don’t normally do, like caving!

Amazing caves and finally you tried your new camera too; Anyway while reading I felt a little bit “ignorance” about Guam Island, I have never heard about it!! I just looked on google maps its location, wow, congrats for your experience there!! Glad to follow you and thanks for sharing it, 😀

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