Balinese dancer, Ubud, Bali
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Bali looks like paradise. I would love to visit some time! I think I would have to try the civet coffee even though the process isn’t particularly appealing haha – it’s just such a hyped up gourmet drink, I’d have to try it myself.

It is hyped up, so I didn’t try it until my second trip. It’s an interesting process and the coffee plantation is pretty. Not sure how humane it is to keep the civets locked up though.

Beautiful photo essay 🙂 But Bali can offer much more, especially those untouched places 🙂


Speechless- seriously beautiful pictures! Looks like a wonderful trip to take! My husband actually told me at the civet coffee, definitely would need to talk myself into trying it but sound interesting!

Hi Sara. It’s okay to skip the civet coffee. Honestly, I’m not positive the civets are treated as humanely as they should be.

The photos are breathtaking! I would love to visit Bali someday!

One Awesome Momma

Thanks, Belle!

This is SO high up on my list! What a beautiful place – and those monkeys! 🙂

Go for the monkeys alone! LOL

I’ve been dreaming of traveling to Bali for years now! Such a beautiful place!

Yes, truly.

Bali is my ultimate dream trip! If I ever make it there I want to do all 20 things on your list.

Thanks, Lynne!

What gorgeous photos! I feel like I’m the only person in the entire world that hasn’t been to Bali yet. Definitely a must-do! It looks gorgeous. 🙂

Christie’s Take on Life. xx

It’s one of my favorite places in the world.

Great list! This is so inspiring – I’m tired of always hearing about partying in Bali. There’s obviously a lot more today – which I think I’d enjoy more 😉

Yes, I didn’t do the Kuta party scene at all!

Book marked! Would you say the hotels were expensive? Did you do any collaborations with hotels there?! I’m doing my SE Asia trip starting this Saturday. So stoked. I have plans on going to Bali and after seeing your photos it makes me want to!


Hotels in Bali are incredibly cheap — $45/night for a beautiful villa. I paid out of pocket.

Though so much has been written on Bali, it still excites me
as a destination. There is just so much to see/do/ate here. The monkeys, the
dances, the landscapes etc look so
familiar to my country India.

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